Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Drum Roll........The New Kitchen!

Firstly - Wow!!! I just hit 10,000 views!

Finally managed to take some decent shots of the kitchen! With everything looking nice - except the floors and the painting - but we'll get to that eventually! I absolutely love it. I actually have too much storage, yep, too much!

Unfortunately it looks very dark in this photo. It is a dark space, but we are putting more lights up.

Love my island bench. I prepare dinner here and the kids sit on the other side and chat away to me. Much better than being stuck behind a wall!

These stools are not going to stay. They were just lying around so we thought we'd use them. Eventually we'll have 5 there!

I actually have a real pantry now! It looks small, but is surprisingly big inside.

The love of my life. Seriously! Lot's of yummy family meals will be cooked here in the future!

The view from the front door, looking into the kitchen.

 The view from the kitchen looking into the lounge. I have no idea why people would have wanted a wall here? It just opens up this space so much!

 As well as the Blum soft closed drawers, they threw in these 2 drawer organisers. I want more.

 I also love my sink. And my tap. The left hand sink has a tray over the top to dry things on, or as I like to do, hide things under. It also came with a colander type attachment, a chopping board, and a drainer that sits in the sink.

 Just to prove how much I love it. Here it is again. From another angle.

A massively huge thank you to the guys from Look Cabinets for running the competition. Creative stone for the bench tops, Kleenmaid for their amazing new appliances, Laminex for the splash back, Blum products, Cam the plumber, Dave the electrician and all the tradies that helped it all come together!

The bench tops are White Diamonds (they have a beautiful sparkle in them), Cupboards are Dulux Limed White (full strength) as a gloss coat. We will be painting the rest of the house in this colour, but at a quarter strength.. The splash back is a Laminex product called Metaline. I'm not sure of the colour name, but it's lovely and has a layer of metal, then perspex then another layer of metal. Super easy to clean too. Kicks are a brushed steel.

I couldn't have asked for a better 'present'. Honestly, it still hasn't truly sunk in that we WON this kitchen. Who wins a kitchen?!? There is no way that we would have been able to afford something like this when we did eventually get around to doing the kitchen. I feel so blessed to have it, and my wonderful family and friends at this time in my life. Yes, the triple hormones are getting to me a little bit now.   :)


  1. what a great kitchen and ur bubs are doing great. hope ur feeling better xxx


  2. This is one big clean kitchen. It’s really wise now to use functional drawers compared to the one being pinned on the walls, it’s a total space saver. I’m sure you had a great time in this kitchen as well as the kids. I adore you for being so organize and I hope I could do the same ;-)

    Chase Conely

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