Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Yup, 3 crawlers! This was the first time Dylan had crawled and I'd never seen Isaac do this either! Well, Isaac is only commando crawling but, he's getting there! Ailah is finally up on all fours, crawling properly. It is honestly so cute watching Dylan and Ailah crawling together, I can't wait until they all are. Yes, I can hear you all saying 'What! You want them to crawl?!' - yes, I do! I love this stage, they'll drive me batty I'm sure, but it'll be a fun batty....in a 'hide in the cupboard and drink wine' sense. I'm sure. I think.

We've been rather busy building a large undercover area......which I've been taking loads of photos as construction has been happening.....to have just deleted them on the camera *internal screaming* but, I'll get over it!

All I hear out of Dylan and Isaac's mouth is da-da and da-dee. Come on boys!! He's only here 1 week out of 3! Ma-ma ma-ma ma-ma!!!!! Ailah is just a tad cute, she tries to crawl away when I go to pick her up and thinks it's hilarious. Isaac loves to have a cloth nappy square placed over his head, then pulls it off and laughs to my 'peek a boo'! Dylan can wave! It is adorable! Tonight when we were video calling Daddy he waved as soon as he saw Daniel on the screen and not long later said Da-da. I'm not counting it as his first word (I don't unless it is said in context), I'll wait to see if he does it again or if it was a fluke. But I bet it made Dan's day.

So I did their 9 month (gasp - 9 months!!!!????) photo shoot, which I was pretty proud of! It was a week late but I loved my idea to use their funky shag rug as the backdrop. You will see that again I promise!

There were LOTS of horrible shots. 2 babies that are moving around and 1 who turned super grumpy the moment I aimed the camera on him is not a good idea - but perseverance is a good thing, so here you are.

 Isaac, Ailah and Dylan

 Note the bath toy in Isaac's hand. The only thing that would keep him from crying.

With our fantastic Nanny away for 2 weeks (back today - woohoo!), they got to come to swimming lessons. Thankfully there is a room that I can sit in and they can watch the kids swimming. They loved it!

They love this toy that Grandi got them - Isaac tries to push the other two off so he can have it to himself - did I mention he's our bully? Loves taking everything the other 2 are playing with and he always wins tug of war.

Love, love love this pic. Daniel hasn't even seen it yet. Gee he's a bit of a spunk!

Just a normal thing for AIlah. She was a monkey in a past life. I am in big trouble with this one. She is a major climber. I even found her on top of one of those clear storage boxes. Yes, on top. On her hands and feet. Eeeeek!!!

I've started birthday party planning. It's going to be big. I've never done the whole 'over the top matching thing' - generally it's fairly matching but not crazy lady - this however will be one of those parties. It's not everyday that your triplets turn 1!!! Stay tuned........

Saturday, 8 June 2013


I was going to write this post all about the people I encounter on a daily basis, the rude, the kind, the stares, the pointing....feeling like a bit of a freak. But, I've decided not to dwell on the negative at this time. I want to tell you how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have my babies.

A year ago I asked you all to pray, send love and thoughts to my friend in the states. At 3 days ahead of me, carrying triplets as her first babies, we had a great connection. For whatever reason - God, fate, mother nature being unkind, she did not get to keep her babies. The anniversary of Ryker, Tommy and MaryElizabeth's birth and death is tomorrow. And I sit here with tears streaming down my face thinking of my friends pain.

So, MF, this one is dedicated to you. You and your beautiful angel babies who were too sweet for this earth.

I am lucky to have healthy babies. 2 + 3 = 5 babies.
I am lucky to watch them grow, learn and adore the world around them.
I am lucky to look up from preparing dinner to 3 sets of eyes watching my every move.
I am lucky to feel a little hand grab my leg and try to pull herself up.
I am lucky to wipe up 7 little wee's during nappy free time, just after I have mopped.
I am lucky to strip Ailah's filthy 'commando crawling' clothes off at the end of the day.
I am lucky to watch my older children play, shriek and laugh at the antics of their 3 younger siblings.
I am lucky to shovel endless amounts of food into their hungry little mouths.
I am lucky to wait patiently (most times) while they guzzle down my breastmilk.
I am lucky to clean 3 high chairs 4 times a day.
I am lucky to have survived Isaac's incessant screaming as a small baby - he's now the happiest one.
I am lucky to have children that sleep really well - most times.
I am lucky to watch endless teeth appearing through swollen gums.
I am lucky to rinse out pooey nappies (remind me of this when I complain).
I am lucky to watch 3 babies laugh when I do a fake, exaggerated sneeze.
I am lucky to watch Dylan happily play by himself without a care in the world.
I am lucky to hear soft snoring from them all night long.
I am lucky to see 3 little heads snap around when I walk through the door.

I am lucky.

Many others are not. And not just those who have lost triplets. To all the mums who have angel babies, my heart breaks for you. Sometimes I complain about being tired, or wanting more 'me' time, or just complain - but I, and others, need to take a breath and think - I am lucky - my children are here.

Thank you for reminding me.