Monday, 23 July 2012

Scan Update - 28 weeks 3 days

So very excited to say that our babies are growing amazingly!

Just to remind you where they were at 6 weeks ago, then 3 weeks ago and then today's measurements:

A (Isaac):  541g (1lb3oz), then 836g (1lb13oz), now 1256g (2lb12oz)
B (Dylan): 639g (1lb7oz), then 942g (2lb1oz), now 1604g (3lb9oz)
C (Ailah): 599g (1lb5oz), then 885g (1lb15oz), now 1312g (2lb14oz)

Some Facts:

In the last 3 weeks they have put on approximately 500g to 700g each!

I am now carrying a touch over 4kg of babies, Jordan was 4.2kg (9lb4oz) born

Plus the weight of 3 placentas!

My goal  is for them to be around 2.5kg at birth. That means they need to put on 3.5kg all together in the next 7 weeks!

That's approximately 500g a week, all together.

So if they keep putting on what they have in the last 3 weeks (500g - 700g each), we should reach that goal!!

Go the protein shakes!

Oh - and my cervix is still shut tightly and.....drum roll......5cm in length!!! Go super cervix!

No pictures as they were a bit squishy today.


  1. You're going great girl!
    Hang in there, I'm so happy all is going well for you.

  2. so excited to hear how well you're doing... GO SUPER CERVIX. :)

  3. I can't believe how quickly they're growing! You are amazing, keep it up!