Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I've been trying to write this all day!

They are eating!!
Some may not like 4 month olds eating solids, but each to their own, mine are.
We started with banana.
Isaac loooooved it.

And then did this in between spoonfuls as I couldn't get it in quick enough!!
I swear he shouldn't have been a triplet - no patience!

Ailah and Dylan weren't as sure, but have since improved greatly! 


 They've had banana, avocado, pear, rockmelon (not a success) and sweet potato.
After 2 weeks of having solids in the morning and no problems with their poos, they had their first lot of afternoon solids as well today. I can see the change in Ailah's weight already. 
A tip for those with multiples - put an old sheet over their bouncers!

We've had 2 birthdays. Jordan turned 6 on the 1st of January. He got this scooter as a late present.

And Amali turned 4 on the 7th of January. This is her new bike as an early birthday present. Jordan ran into her previously new bike on his motorbike and demolished said bike. Needless to say, this one is much more liked as it has a special bag, water bottle, streamers and a baby seat on the back.


I love how much time Jordan willingly spends with his baby brothers and sister. He is amazing and is often found lying on the floor with them or chatting away to them. They really love it too!


They had their first triplet bath last week, Ailah and Isaac love kicking and splashing with their legs while Dylan is more subdued, but still loves it.


Isaac, Dylan and Ailah
I had them weighed this week at the doctors when they got their 4 month needles.
Isaac was 4.7kg (10lbs3oz) - at birth he was 2.4kg (5lbs3oz)
Dylan was 5.2kg (11lbs4oz) - at birth he was 2.8 (6lbs1oz)
Ailah was 4.2kg (9lbs4oz) - at birth she was 2.3kg (5lbs2oz)
And still no formula!! Go boobies!

No, they are not ridiculously long, we just have a teeny bath!

Of course we had a big birthday for the kids, to help them remind them how special they are to us too. They wanted a disco dance party. So we gave it to them! We blacked out all the windows, hired a disco light (I bought one off ebay and it is still yet to arrive), downloaded songs and made a playlist just for them, had glow stick bangles as wristbands that the kids got on entry and played lots of games.
Just don't try playing pass the parcel with 27 kids. Trust me.

It was really dark, but this was taken with the flash on. And yes, I did do Gangnam Style with the kids.

Their cake looked fairly plain (thanks to my amazing Nanny who did the rainbow for me as the bubbas had to be fed), they were happy with it......

.....until they saw the inside of it! They loved it and everyone commented on it. Thank you Fiona! I stole this idea off you! See Fiona's blog at Cattle Kids and Chaos - cake pic here I am a teacher so I had to do ROYGBIV. You know, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Except that I did pink, not red. And I only did one shade of purple. You get the picture!

Amali's beautiful dress was made by Sarah at Born Gorgeous. It was a custom, I love the skirt of the dress, it's in the bubble style. Jordan chose his own clothed just from Target.

Lastly, here are some pics from today.
Ailah, Dylan and Isaac.

Dylan and Isaac




See ya!

 PS: A shout out to the wonderful Heidi from Selkie Designs where I get my Amber teething necklaces from. She has so many colours and designs to choose from. Tell her I sent you!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Our Big Year

Thank you 2012.

You shocked us with such a life changing event. We weren't shocked for very long! Honestly, I couldn't imagine life without them, and Jordan and Amali.

So of course we had our wonderful triple blessing, we also had our first born start school. Jordan did such an amazing job of prep, he has made some lovely friends and really made us proud. I'm amazed at his Maths brain. He must get that from his Grandfather who was a Qantas accountant all his life! His teacher was wonderful, and as long as she stays at their school, she will teach the other 4 too! It has been lovely to see Jordan with his little brothers and sister these holidays. He is often found lying on the floor with them chatting away to them and showing a beautiful interest in them.

Miss Amali sure has grown up! She is loving her big sister role and is very good at it, but I had been noticing how she is very much over people saying 'oh wow, you've got triplets!' and 'aren't you lucky you've got 3 little babies'. She has heard it too much! I have made a conscious decision to make sure I invite her little friends over often. We recently did a cupcake decorating morning. Lots of fun and lots of mess.

In other 2012 events, Daniel went to Thailand with his younger brother, we bought (another) new car, we WON our amazing kitchen, we gained lovely new friends and lost some old ones, and Daniel and I notched up another year together :)

Here's a quick flick back through some favourite shots of 2012.

 The photo that turned our life upside down!!

 Yet another flood! Lets hope this summer is drier!

 5th of May 2012. My Dad's birthday. My wonderful friends Wedding Day. The day we won our kitchen!


 My little soccer star!

 Profile pics. Around 19 weeks

My favourite maternity shot

One of my favourites

The first time I saw this image it made me cry, they were coming to meet their new babies

 She was soooooooo excited. Can you tell?

 Triple cuddles. We made the front page of the paper

 Taking our pumpkins home

 They were so teeny!

 My older pumpkins x

Pure love. The way they were in the womb. Dan will be getting this image tattooed
Photo courtesy Anya Maria Photography
 Amali at the start of 2012 and towards the end of 2012

Jordan at the start of 2012 and the first day of 2013

 Me with my girls 

My life xxx

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy 2013, thank you for ALL your support in 2012!