Friday, 20 July 2012

Hello 3rd Trimester!

Well, today marks the first day of my 3rd trimester! Hopefully it is not a sign of things to come though. As soon as I went to sit up this morning I knew that I wasn't well. I felt a bit light headed and woosy, but ignoring it I got the kids sorted in front of the TV and made myself a cuppa. The dizziness wouldn't go away so I thought I'd better eat something. But when I got up to make myself some toast I felt even worse. I even told the kids that I really wasn't feeling well and that I might fall over......I said this because just last week I went through how to ring 000 (Emergency Services for any non-Aussies reading) and one of the things I had said was if Mummy falls over and you can't wake me up......I ate my toast on the couch, really not well, then re-tested my blood sugar levels to see if that was causing the problem. Nope, all fine. So I rang the doctor and she rang the hospital who rang me and told me to come up straight away.......then I rang my lovely friend Karen and had her take the kids to school and kindy, and my Mum to take me up to the hospital......after lots of checks, blood tests, blood pressure checks and CTG scans checking the babies' heart beats (and some lunch) I was allowed home. Because I haven't been well they think that my system is down a bit and I have a viral 'thing' that has affected my middle ear and of course, balance.

By the time I left I felt much better, not much dizziness, so it will be interesting to see how I go tomorrow morning.....

So hopefully that is my only 'scare' for this pregnancy! It was so lovely to have people drop everything to help me out, makes me feel very special. I suppose it was a bit of a trial run for me, and I was very calm. I could feel the babies having a fat old time in there, so I wasn't too worried about them, more about what my body was doing. In my mind I was thinking 'ok, if this it it and there is a problem, I'm 28 weeks so I'll end up in Brisbane, possibly sectioned very soon.' And you know what? I was ok with that. Whatever keeps myself, Isaac, Dylan and Ailah safe.

Lots more reflux happening now, if I've been sitting for a while my hips ache when I go to stand and walk, but it disappears straight away (a sign of things to come maybe), and still have pins and needles in the finger tips of my 3 middle fingers on each hand. Other than that, I feel great! 28 weeks was my first of 3 goals, so I'm very happy to get to here. 32 is the next one, which is average for a triplet pregnancy, and they class anything over that as 'gold', but of course my third goal is 35 weeks. But a little voice inside my head has always said 36. We'll see. I'm on the home stretch, into single digits, with 7 weeks to my final goal.

I'm confident.

It's funny, the black dress used to come to my feet when I first started taking these pics! Next week I'll have to hold up my boobs for the tummy one - it goes up far higher than you can see - and much lower!

Here's my growth for the 2nd Trimester, from 13 weeks to 27 weeks!

I know I've promised a kitchen post but I'm waiting for a nice sunny day to take the pics as the colours look better - needless to say - I LOVE it!

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  1. Happy to see all is well with your three bubbas.