Friday, 13 July 2012

27 Weeks

Sorry for not posting for 2 weeks! I've been sick with a nasty cold that has all but gone apart from my 'smokers cough' as Daniel calls it. Straight up I want to say a huge thank you to my wonderful friends and family who have checked in, helped out and cooked for us these last 2 weeks. You know who you are :)

As well as the cold, we have managed to finish the nursery and the kitchen is almost finished too! Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen. It went from this:

To this!

All will be finished on Monday (except the painting and floor), so I'm super excited to
a) have a NEW kitchen, and
b) have a WORKING kitchen again!
Lets just say that the BBQ and I do not get along. Sure, there have been a few hiccups along the way, which have been rather annoying....but, I won a kitchen! So, really, I don't care (as long as the problems got fixed - which they did)! Once it's all done on Monday, I'll do a 'kitchen post' with lots of pics and of course, the finished product.

I feel that the time is just ticking away nicely now. What a lovely feeling it was to wake up this morning and know that I've hit 27 weeks. A lady that had her triplets a week ago (who was 5 weeks in front of me) had hers at 30 weeks. Her littlest bub was the same size as my biggest, which made me feel like I'm growing super babies! My first two babies were 9lb4oz and 8lb8oz so I figure I've got genes on my side.

Still sleeping apart from Daniel, which has its pros and cons of course. I can't lie in one position for more than about an hour at night, then the whole process of turning over occurs. Firstly I have to lift my tummy with my hands, then pull the pillow out, then put the pillow on the other side, then assist my tummy in the actual rolling over process. I'm getting fairly quick at it now! So, I think Daniel has it pretty good in the nursery single bed!

I wear my prenatal cradle from the minute I get up until I have a shower in the evenings, and I tell you, it makes a huge difference. Even the hour or two after my shower before I go to bed, I can feel the stretch that my belly weight puts on my skin. I think I've hit my full term with a singleton size - in an outwards direction - but I carried much higher with them, so there's still a bit of room to stretch upwards. And then some!

This dress at 6.5 weeks used to almost touch my it is almost up to my knees. And I finally have to put it on over my head instead of pulling it up over my belly!

The stretch marks are certainly coming out in full force now, not matter how much oil I put on. Doesn't really worry me though, they are my battle scars :)

I added to my belly collage finally too. Starts at 6.5 weeks and through to 27 weeks.

And this one shows the difference in size in just 2 weeks! I didn't even realise I'd grown this much!

I did my Glucose Tolerance Test up at the hospital last week, and when I walked in there was another pregnant mum who had just started hers. As I got chatting to the plebotomist while she took my first lot of blood, she asked how far along I was, which of course brought up the topic of triplets. She looked at me in shock and pointed to the other lady and said - 'so is she!'

So I got to chat to the lovely Linda for the 2 hours it took to do our tests. She is 17 weeks and also would love a natural birth, and lives close to me. So I gave her all the 'goss' on who to see and what to say about natural birth......she went straight upstairs afterwards and told them she wanted to be put in Ted's clinic. You go girl!

Then we met again on Tuesday at a Gestational Diabetes chat at the hospital. Cue sad face. We both got called at 8am telling us the news and that we needed to be at the hospital for an information session at 10:30. My level at the end of my GTT was 10.5 - very high! So now I have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day and try to keep it at certain levels. I'm pretty much doing the right things already food wise, but I can't really exercise. I go back next week to chat to the obstetric dietician and they will look at my record book and decide if I need to go on insulin. A pain, but I am thinking that it may also help boost these babies' weight up a bit too! And if this is the only 'bad' thing to happen in this pregnancy, then that's ok too!

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  1. Looking great Chenoa. So pleased things are going well for you, despite the diabetes hiccup. Keep growing those babies, not long now!