Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Quickie

Just a super quick post to let you all know the scan went perfect! They practically jumped around the entire time so my poor sonographer had a hard time getting some measurements. I couldn't believe how active they were!

Stats as follows:
Baby A - Isaac: 836g/1lb13oz - measuring a day ahead of dates
Baby B - Dylan: 942g/2lb1oz - measuring a week ahead of dates - he's our little fatty!
Baby C - Ailah: 885g/1lb15oz - measuring 3 days ahead of dates
I'm so very please with these weights! Even the sonographer was shocked! Hopefully they continue to grow at this rate, so in another 9 or so weeks they'll all be over 2kg heading towards that magical 2.5kg mark that I'd so love to achieve.

 Fatty Dylan, who is so much like his older brother Jordan!

 Cranky pants Miss Ailah!

And the kitchen has started going in!!! All very exciting, can't wait to put everything back in the cupboards and have my house back to normal!

Also, I've been manically washing, drying, folding and putting away baby clothes and wraps and blankets and sheets! Mum even took some home!

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