Monday, 17 September 2012

Hospital and Home

So I'll back track just a little......

I cannot  express enough, the gratitude I feel towards the Special Care Nursery and Paediatric team at Nambour Hospital. No, my babies were not very sick, in fact they were wonderfully healthy, so I didn't have any stress about that, but I certainly did have extra attention from the trio's nursing team. They were amazingly supportive, attentive, caring, friendly and of course, professional. Here's a picture of some of the team with our little angels:

Left to Right: Annette, Dr. Henry, Theresa, Kerrin and Gemma. I was lucky enough to have two of these ladies in birth suite with me and the others joined me on the beginning of our journey in the SCN. I snapped these guys (much to their protests!) as they were coming on/off shift. Other wonderful staff that worked with the babies were Deb, Liz, Simone and Dr Claire. I'm terribly sorry if I have missed anyone, but from what I remember, these were the main people!

Here's a run down of our 6 days in hospital:
Day 1 Thursday: babies all having breast feeds but talk of nasal gastric tubes being put in on the next day or so as they drop weight and loose energy. All babies have IV lines is for antibiotics to counter any possible infection and monitors for their breathing and oxygen levels. Visitors included GG and Grandi, the kids, Emily, Danielle, Journalists and our new nanny Desiree
Day 2 Friday: much the same as the previous day, bloods come back negative for any infection but IVs will stay in for now. Visitors included Skye, Mick, Tammin and Blake, the TV crew and Grandi.
Day 3 Saturday: Deb plans out a schedule to help feed the babies as much as possible, nasal gastric tubes go in and my milk comes in fully so top up feeds are done after every breast feed. Some feeds are top up feeds (via nasal gastric tube) only so they don't use up the energy they gain from the milk. Isaac and Ailah have their first bath, Isaac loves it, Ailah hates it! Mummy gets to sleep through the midnight feed - the benefits of nasal gastric tubes!

Day 4 Sunday: IVs come out! Dylan and Ailah come off their big monitors and onto Graesby (sp?) monitors. Far less clutter in our corner now.
Day 5 Monday: Visited by Dr Claire at rounds who doesn't believe me when I say they won't need to stay another week.....Isaac comes off his Graesby monitor, but Dylan's SBR levels to check for Jaundice come back in the 'treatable' category do he goes into a 'billi bed' where the blue lights are encased in a pillowy bed and he can be wrapped in it. All babies are bathed today, and Ailah was much happier than the last time. Isaac starts pooing as I am about to put him in the bath - the nearest thing I could find to catch it was the bin! I go on my first outside trip to Big W with Daniel and Amali since having the babies. Feels strange - and it's so bright! Where's my sunnies?!

Day 6 Tuesday: I wake up to Mr Isaac having pulled his nasal gastric tube out! We deicde to keep it out and go on full breast feeds from now.The 'D' word (discharge) has been mentioned twice today....I'm starting to get excited and a little claustrophobic. Dylan's next SBR levels come back under the 'treatable' line, so he rejoins his brother and sister in the cot.

Day 7 Wednesday: This morning it was Ailah's turn to pull her nasal gastric tube out, so out comes Dylan's too! Graesby monitors are taken away as well, none of them have had an apnea episode anyway. Annette asks me if by some grace of God they allowed me home today, would I want to? Yes please!! She says 'look, I'll fall on the floor if they say yes, but I really can't see why not....' And what do you know, Dr Claire comes in for rounds, and cannot possibly believe how well they are doing, full breast feeds for 3 days with no or minimal weight loss. Her words 'go, just go, you're free!' I could have hugged her (probably should have), she says it's nothing short of a miracle how well they are doing and that there was no way she believed me on Monday! I look at Annette who was almost in tears (don't deny it!) with a huge smile on my face. We are going home!!!


So off we went! There was no crying on the way home, just a van, finally full of all the people it should be full of. Driving up our driveway was a wonderful feeling. Firstly, the last time I had driven along it I was having full on contractions, so this was a much comfier ride! Secondly, it was like I was seeing our property for the first time all over again. Nothing beats coming home. You couldn't have wiped the smiles of Daniel's and my faces even if you tried.
The babies were asleep when we pulled up, so we bought them in in their capsules and put them in the lounge room. Turned the cartoons on and away we went. Jordan took lots of photos and Amali wanted to touch, touch, touch!

5 days into being home and for the first night home they woke about every 3-3.5 hours at night and pretty much the same throughout the day. From then on they have been put down at night at 10ish, waking between 1am and 2am, then not til 5:30-6! Very, very lucky! Otherwise they sleep most of the day, it takes about an hour to feed them and change them, then pop them down for another sleep! I noticed today they were spending a little more time awake........

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Media Attention

We have certainly made the media! Even if it is mainly local stuff, it was fun! But we have also popped up on a few European and US news websites.

Firstly we had journalists from The Sunshine Coast Daily (our local regional paper) and The Sunday Mail (Queensland paper), who both came on the Thursday afternoon to take pictures and interview us. We made the front page of The Sunshine Coast Daily on the Friday and were expecting to be in The Sunday Mail on the Sunday.....but nope, they obviously saw the Daily's article and thought 'why print again?'.....ummm, maybe to put some GOOD news out there for once! You can see The Sunshine Coast Daily's article here and there is also an interview too. I love it when Amali proudly and very matter of factly says 'Dylan came out backwards'!

Then yesterday we got a surprise as our free local paper, The Coolum News, ran a story on us too! They are linked with the Sunshine Coast Daily, so they got the info from them. I went to school with the editors daughter so he has always put my beautiful children's birth announcements in for me.....and not just standard announcements! Usually the photo takes up at least a quarter of the page! Thank you Mike! The story is here.

Friday afternoon we were supposed to have WIN News (Our local Channel 9) and Channel 7 (Queensland Channel) come for a TV interview. WIN turned up first, they were lovely, and even the young journalist got a cuddle! We waited and waited for 7, but they never arrived. We found out later that they go wind that WIN had been there and they had thought they had the 'exclusive' so they didn't bother turning up! I'll embed the video below but it may be quicker going directly to YouTube here.

I've had people contact me with offers of support, yummy lactation cookies, cleaning and photography.

I know many pregnant women around Australia through my October Due Mummies group online, and when they go tho their antenatal appointments, the midwives are talking about me.

Another triplet mum who went to hospital in NSW with threatened labour was told all about me and how the midwives wish more people were like that and had these opportunities.

Friends of other triplet mums sent my links to Emily's Photographs, news paper articles and TV interviews saying 'have you seen this!?'

We filled the first 13 pages of Google.

I'm just a bit chuffed. And proud. But the most important thing for me is getting the message out there. Multiples can be birthed naturally. Now, I'm not saying that all HOMs should go down this track. It was tough at times, and that was with a supportive OB. There is 100% place for Cesarean Sections in multiple births. I just don't think women should be told they have to have one at their first appointment. Birthing naturally is an option, in some cases. I am so glad I fitted the bill!

I will pop a post on about coming home in the next few days, but for now, I can hear a hungry little girl crying.......

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Guess What?!

The quickest post ever - we are being released today! They are 6 days old! The Peadiatricians cannot believe how amazingly well they are doing so have sent us on our merry way! I will update with lots of going home photos in the next few days!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

All About Emily Black

Firstly, before I get onto the wonderful Emily Black, a little update about the babies.

They are doing FANTASTIC! There are murmurs that we may be going home Friday or Saturday.....!!!
They are not having formula top ups anymore, my milk has come in with a vengeance. After feeding all 3 I am still easily able to pump 120mLs. I am blessed with good milk supply. Dylan got a touch of jaundice and was on a Billi-Bed for 24 hours, which is the blue phototherapy light but instead of just lying under it he was wrapped in it. His next SBR level check showed up under the treatment line so he finished his blue light disco and came back into the cot with his brother and sister. Dylan is the quiet one. He doesn't mind that Ailah and Isaac fuss a bit next to him, even when Isaac lets loose his very high pitched squeals. Ailah is fairly chilled too, she always comes back for dessert, she likes to have her dinner, then a few minutes of snoozing and then dessert after that. She hates being bathed. The second time was a little better. Isaac is Mummies boy. He loves his cuddles and is generally the first to wake for a feed.

They all lost a little of their birth weight and have since put some back on. As long as they continue to have suck feeds only and gain weight, they will come home. Soon. Isaac must have heard the nurse and I talking last night about taking the nasal gastric tubes out in the next 2 days. I walked in this morning and he had pulled the entire tube out. Clever boy!

Now, on to Emily. Words cannot describe the full force of what I feel about her and her work. It is a job she loves doing and a job that she does amazingly well. She has a blog, where she blogs all of her shoots. She has blogged about my birth, and her words bring tears to my eyes.

You can find Emily's blog here. On the blog you will also find the amazing slide show she put together for us. Truly heartwarming. I held it together until the images of Jordan and Amali meeting the babies came up. I became a bit of a mess after that. Daniel was far worse. He became a blubbering mess - my husband- crying! I laughed when he told me, but it also touched my heart.

Here are two images of Emily's that I love. The maternity shoot collage really made me realise how big I was! I love the fact that they were taken the day the babies were born. Forever special.

No, we didn't plant the chickens. That is Friendly and Goldie. They follow you everywhere!

This next image is one of my favourites of me that I've seen. I am glowing, emitting a radiance that only a mother that has just birthed her baby/babies can feel. I felt proud, elated, blessed and blissed out. I'm sure you can tell though!

I am holding Isaac, who is having his first feed, in birth suite, only about half an hour after the birth. And you know what? My hair looks bloody good! The wonderful woman on the right of me is my homebirth midwife, who with just a look kept me calm, reassured me and supported me.

But back to Emily. I'd never met her before the birthing day. I'd emailed her, back and forth and made a fantastic connection. I never once hesitated in the knowledge that this 'stranger' would be filming one of the most intimate moments of my life. And not just the 'artistic shots', oh no, there will be another slide show, but it certainly won't be G rated!

She made herself like a fly on the wall. I don't remember seeing her. But one of the best parts - I remember her, and my best friend Taryn - cheering me on. Literally. In a room full of staff that were a tad 'frazzled' as Emily put it, they cheered me on like I was climbing a mountain. And I loved it.

If you are a mother wanting newborn shots, or a mother wanting a birth photographer and you live in Melbourne or want Emily to travel to you, I cannot highly recommend her enough.

Anyway, I must go, there are 3 hungry mouths waiting for me. x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The (speedy) Arrival of The Trama Trio

Well, what an amazing last few days we've had! I'll have to do it all in a few posts as we've had Babies, Newspapers, TV Interviews, Visitors, Breastfeeding, and Tired Eyes. But, let me take you back to where it all began......

On Wednesday morning I made (yes, made) my poor, suffering husband do the deed - first time in a long time, then sent him on his merry way to work. I dropped the kids at school/kindy and made my way home to await the arrival of Emily Black, my birth photographer who was flying up from Melbourne for the birth. In the mean time my best friend, Taryn came around to straighten my hair and spend some time with me. Yes. Straighten my hair. Trust me, I'm really not much of a girly girl but I figured I wanted my hair to look nice for the photos. Taryn knows me so well - I was going to ask her but she beat me to it!

While we were waiting for Emily to arrive I was getting little tightenings which continued throughout the day. Danielle, my home birth midwife also arrived, followed shortly after by Emily. I'd never met her, but we clicked straight away and the whole birth team (apart from Daniel) got to spend some time together before the big event. I was determined these babies would be born tonight! Emily did a few maternity shots around our property, all the time worried about me walking - walking is good to bring on labour!

That evening I sat down with the breast pump and began pumping 5 minutes on and 10 minutes off. As I went to put the 3rd round on, I got a great contraction - wahooo - this was working! During the third round I got another one and during the fourth, at about 8:04 my waters broke! Needless to say, I was stoked! I said 'honey, my waters just broke!' He pretty much jumped up and said 'have you called the hospital?' I started to reassure him that all was ok, I'd call and discuss with Danielle first. Then I tried to explain it to Amali who had snuck out for a cuddle with Daddy on the couch. I told her the babies were in balloons in my tummy that were filled with water and one had just popped. She took it all in her stride and went back to bed. Danielle and I agreed that it would be best to wait maybe half an hour and see what the contractions did. I started to gather the rest of the things I'd need all the while stopping and easily breathing through the contractions which I could feel were opening up my cervix really well! I decided to ring the hospital at 8:36 and they said to come on in. I reminded them that Dr Weaver had agreed to come in when I called and to please ring him. I'd also called Taryn and Emily and my Mum by this stage. Daniel went to get dressed and he really didn't take very long but I had 3 contractions during that time. They weren't intense, I could easily breathe through them but their speed was what was concerning me. By the time Mum had arrived, we we were ready to get in the car and they were 3 minutes apart. Just as I was about to climb into the front seat (with Daniel's help of course), I got another, more intense contraction that made me breathe harder and faster. This was not a cervix contraction. This was different. I started to think maybe things were happening a lot faster than I thought.

Now, if you have seen our driveway you'll know what I mean - it was torture! It's 1km long, straight, flat but with lots of pot holes and bumps. And I was sitting on a car seat, not standing like I would like to during a contraction. Daniel ended up doing about 5km/hr. We eventually got on the bitumen and during contractions I tried to get Daniel to calm down. 'Take 10 deep breaths honey' to which he replied. '3 will do'. And then did 3 rather shallow breaths! Mind you it did seem to do the trick. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to the hospital from our place and in the last 10 minutes I had 8 contractions. Some were cervix contractions, some were far more intense, and I tried so hard to not increase my breathing for fear of freaking Daniel out even more (You have to remember that this was a new experience for us, as both Jordan and Amali were home births)! We got to the large set of lights near the hospital and it was red. 'Run the light' I said. Daniel took one look at me and politely obliged with a look of terror on his face! We pulled up at emergency and he grabbed me a wheel chair and a lovely lady on her coffee break to us through a side entrance so I didn't have to go through the ER. I continued having contractions on the way up to birth suite, and Daniel wheeled me into our room, number 6. I asked where they wanted me and was told to hop onto the bed so they could do an internal and find out how far along I am. I joked that they'd find a head. How true that statement was about to become!

As I stood up on from the wheelchair a whopper of a contraction came over me. I looked up at the Registrar and Midwife who were in the room so far and in me most demanding voice said:

"I need to push. NOW."

Honestly, the looks on their faces said it all. Oh Fuck. I started pushing and could feel Isaac descending through the birth canal. At this point Daniel walked back in from depositing the wheelchair took one look at my face and new what was happening. Then there were people everywhere.
'She's pushing!'
'Where's the Paeds team?'
'Are the OBs here yet?'
'Get her on the bed'
You can imagine their panic! It affected me for a few minutes until my birth team walked in, Danielle, Emily and Taryn. Danielle had been at my last 2 births, we knew each other well. She could tell I was a tad shocked and scared that it was all happening too fast, she said nothing, she couldn't reach out to me, but the look on her face calmed me instantly. The staff were brilliant, but I could tell they were shitting themselves really! During contractions I had a guy putting a cannula in my arm and a midwife trying to strap 2 CTG monitors onto me - not part of the birth plan Ted and I had agreed on. I started arguing with her that this was not needed and they should be using a doppler. In the end neither of them got turned on! They got me on the bed, and without having seen the video, I'd say I had 3 or 4 more pushing contractions and he was out. There was no pain, only pressure. I felt him crown, then his little body came and he was handed to me. He was just perfect! I got to spend a few moments with him and then the next few waves of contractions started to they took him and checked him over before passing him to Daniel.

I was always sure it would be Ailah who came out second, but it ended up being Dylan, 11 minutes after Isaac. They scanned me and he was right there, but they couldn't quite tell if they were looking at a bum or a head! So an internal soon proved that it was a bum! Ted had told me they'd put me in stirrups for the breech birth, and they did. It was quite candid, there was the Registrar and a midwife telling me to 'push, push push', and being quite intense about it, and then next to them was another midwife saying 'just wait for the contraction and push when it's right'. Needless to say I focused on her. I even vaguely remember someone counting to 10 near me head. It was a bit weird, I felt like I was on an episode for One Born Every Minute! No one has ever told me when to push - really - who needs that unless they have an epi in place!! It wasn't until later when Emily showed me a pic of him entering the world that I realised he was a double footling breech! I hadn't even realised I had pushed out his legs. I heard them say 'here comes a bum' and although I kept pushing it didn't feel like anything was happening - but it was - and he slid out easily. He was passed to me and I got my hands around him but they soon realised that he needed a little help so they took him back without him getting to cuddle. At least I got to touch him :) He needed CPAP for a few minutes and was a little stressed so they took him straight to Special Care Nursery (SCN) and I sent Daniel with him.

While Dylan was on CPAP, Ailah made her entrance. Very, very fast! Exactly 3 minutes after Dylan came out to be precise! Again, they gave me an internal and there she was. That was probably the only thing I was slightly concerned about - how they would all line up - but I needn't have worried. She probably came out within 2 contractions and that was it! She was placed on my chest for a cuddle before being taken away and I was handed Isaac back, nicely wrapped up.

They asked me if I wanted the Synto injection to assist in the placental delivery, and I had already agreed with Ted that I'd do this as I didn't want to risk a post partum hemorrhage and not be there for my babies. I'm not sure exactly how long the placentas took, but it wasn't long! The babies had all been taken up to the SCN by this stage so I got to have a good look at the placentas while the midwife examined them. Isaac and Ailah's had fused together and Dylan's was joined by some membrane. The three of them made one huge mass, it was quite amazing to see and know that it had been in there too!

So, I guess you are all dying to know - where was Dr Ted?? The whole time I was labouring I was thinking the same thing. The on call OB walked in between Dylan and Ailah, 2 other paediatricians walked in towards the end - all dressed in their street clothes - as they had been called in.....but never Dr Ted. I was a bit to concerned with other matters to start asking where he was, so I let it slide and figured I ask in the morning. So who do you think popped his head in my room the next morning - yup - Dr Ted. I said 'where the bloody hell were you last night!?' His reply - 'they didn't call me'. Well, to say that my jaw dropped would have been an understatement. He went on to say that he thought it must have happened to quickly so that's why they hadn't called him. Then I explained I had called them an hour before arriving at the hospital and reminded them to call him. I think he was a bit shocked to say the least. I felt for him. He had agreed to let me have this birth, we had a great relationship going throughout my pregnancy, and then he was let down by someones stuff up. I don't think much would have gone differently, but I'd say the staff would have been calmer with him rather than a Registrar, and maybe Dylan's birth would have been a little more 'hands off', but all the babies are healthy and safe, as am I.

It had all happened mind blowingly fast, a little too fast, as I spent the next hour or so with my legs shaking uncontrollably! But I had done it, I got the vaginal birth I wanted!

Here are the stats:
  • labour started just before 8pm on Wednesday 5th September
  • waters broke around 8:04pm 
  • rang the hospital at 8:36pm
  • arrived at the hospital at 9:30pm
  • Isaac arrived at 9:46pm
  • Dylan arrive at 9:57pm, 11 minutes after his brother
  • Ailah arrived at 10:00pm, 3 minutes after her brother

Isaac Daniel Trama
Weight: 2.420kg/ 5lbs3oz
Length: 44cm
Head Circumference: 32cm


Dylan David Trama 
Weight: 2.845kg/6lbs2oz
Length: 47cm
Head Circumference: 33cm


Ailah Elizabeth Trama
Weight: 2.310kg/5lbs1oz
Length: 43cm
Head Circumference: 31.5cm

The Trama Trio

 Dylan lending a hand (or some fingers) for Isaac to suck on!

Now, it's taken me 4 days to get this up as I'm feeding and expressing every 3 hours, which takes 1.5 hours each time, so forgive me!! The rest is in photos, I will keep updating the blog as much as I can! I am feeling really great and so in love (of course) and being looked after extremely well up here at Nambour. I have been medically discharged but am so lucky to be able to stay on as a boarder until the babies come home...which someone said this morning may be by the end of the week as they are doing so well.

I'll put posts on about the birth photography, our first few days and all the visitors that have come to see us soon! Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts.....have a go at Googling Trama's pretty funny!

The kids meting them for the first time

Jordan checking the equipment out

To say Amali was excited and happy to finally meet her brothers and sister for the first time is the worlds biggest understatement!!! 
Holding Ailah (her favourite)

The photo that made the front page of the Sunshine Coast Daily

Isaac's first bath, he loved it - but there's that Trama frown!

Milks in!

One happy Mumma with Dylan

Proud as punch Daddy with Ailah

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Firstly - over 18,000 people have viewed this blog. Blows me away, it seems like only yesterday I was saying that about 10,000 views! Thank you to all who have followed our amazing journey so far - but hang onto your hats as things are about to happen!

A little trip down memory lane is in order I feel!

On the 21st of February 2012 we found out we were expecting triplets. Spontaneously conceived. Nothing in the world could have prepared us for that moment - especially Daniel. At first I was shocked, but in my usual 'take it in my stride' attitude I wanted to know what happens next. I bought books, joined the Australian Multiple Births Association and quickly connected myself with other triplet mummies, both in Australia and around the world.

My belly quickly began to grow. Above is 6+5, 8, 10, 11+2 and 12+2 weeks. Yeah, ok, probably ok tummy growth for a 3rd pregnancy. But just you wait......

I was determined to birth vaginally. I found other women (Thank you Simone and Olivia!) who had birthed their triplets vaginally and sought every piece of info from them as I could. I tried not to worry about my babies, or the risks, and I must say, my positive attitude easily got me through this. I went to RBWH in Brisbane expecting them to say 'sure, you can birth them vaginally', no. Instead I got told to go back home and speak to our local OB who is one of the best in the business. Enter Dr Ted Weaver. My 'yes' man.

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes - a small price to pay for an otherwise uneventful, boring, triplet pregnancy. Not that I wanted an eventful triplet pregnancy. I 'watched' other mums on our Facebook groups struggle, give birth to very premmie babies and in one case, loose all three. My heart went out to my American friend, and her loss made me really put things into perspective. I rested more every week after that and whilst consoling her from across the seas, I was determined, and blessed to keep these babies in for as long as possible. Another small, but rather annoying hurdle to jump was when I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, a liver malfunction that makes me soooooo itchy. My favourite scratcher is a stainless steel pasta's sitting right next to me now as I type.

The belly continued to grow and grow, thank gosh I had my brace to get me through the day! Above is 15, 16, 18+1, 19+1, 20+5, 22, 23+1, 25+2 and 27 weeks. During all this time we renovated the children's rooms, made an old storage room that is 5m off the side of our house into a lovely bedroom for us (not that I'll spend much time in there), won a $25,000 kitchen upgrade and renovated our old room into a nursery. We also sold my new car and bought another new car - one that will fit all of us in!

Then we hit the pointy end of the stick. Again, I watched as other mummy's had their babies around me and I willed mine to make it to 28 and then 32 weeks. At 32 weeks I had my little 'break down' moment where I just wanted them out because I wasn't coping with no sleep every night while I scratched that crap out of myself. That lasted about 24 hours but I decided not to ask for another weeks grace. I wanted to get to 35-36 weeks originally but with the itchiness it's just not going to happen. That's ok.

One thing this pregnancy has taught me is to let go. Not to worry that someone else is doing MY washing, cleaning MY house, picking up MY children from school. And that will continue, and again, I'm ok with that.

Here is 28, 30+3, 32 and 34 weeks. I woke up this morning to find my belly very low. I've always had Braxton Hicks contractions but now they are more like real contractions and with every one it feels like a balloon will pop in between my legs.

I had a scan today, all babies looking perfectly squashed! We couldn't even get Dylan's measurements to estimate his weight, but he's always been the fatty so we're not concerned. Aliah weighed in at a whopping 5lbs14oz and Isaac not far behind at 5lbs13oz! That's about 2.6kg each. I'm not sure how correct the weights are as it was very hard for her to get the measurements she needed, but we'll soon find out their real weights!

Here are all the black dress photos I have so far - I'm threatening hubby that I'll make him take one when I go into labour before we head to the hospital!

And the belly ones.

All my bags are packed finally! Left to Right: Breastfeeding pillow, breast pump bag, labour bag, baby bag and hospital bag. Note the white paper in the middle - a list of things that still need to be put in the bags but can't happen until labour starts and we are heading to hospital.

 Here are some happy snaps from Father's Day. Daniel got a great pull along wagon that he can also attach to the ride on mower. This is the kids bringing it to him.

Happy Daddy!

Jordan's wrapping and gift tag

Amali's photo and decorated frame

 Jordan's gift. We thought it was funny that Daniel's favourite food was yoghurt. We liked that he put 'juice' down as a favourite drink - better than beer! And we love the picture showing Dan at work in the cherry picker.

You'd never guess it was a pressie for Daddy though hey?

Famous last words. No, I am not scared Yes, I am so excited to go through birth again. I cannot wait to see their faces and know they are healthy. I want to see Daniel holding them in his arms, connecting with them. I want a triplet cuddle!

So that's the last post from me, hoping to go into labour my natural induction methods tomorrow. Otherwise Thursday. I promise I will put a post up asap. Thank you everyone for keeping my in your thoughts and sending me lots of love. x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Last Official Tick Over Day

I can't believe this will be my last 'full week' post! By this time next week (at the latest) our 3 babies will be here and our lives will again change forever. My wonderful girlfriends took me out to our favourite 'fancy' restaurant last night - Flaxton Gardens. We've had many lunches there with amazing food, beautiful views and lovely wines - with lots of laughter of course. So this was my last 'shindig' with the girls - well, for a very long time anyway! Left to right - Berni, Laurie, Me (obviously), Taryn and Skye. We missed Mel, but she was being a good wife and letting her hubby go to card night.

These wonderful girls are such a central part of my life. I've known Berni for about 2 years, she has a little boy, Henry. We love to laugh at her 'pommy-ness' but she has a complete heart of gold. Still waiting to see her really drunk though! The first time I met Laurie was the day before I went into labour with Amali. Here she was, a couple of months along with her first pregnancy, wearing a sports bra and teeny boardshorts, walking a huge bloody English Bulldog and looking fabulous!  I knew Laurie's hubby back in the old days of school (had a big crush on him back then!) and we've all become firm friends ever since. She has 2 daughters, Zanthe and Jaspa. Skye I met through Laurie, along with her twin sister, Tammin. She recently got married to a great guy, Mick, and she's the sort of person who would do anything for you.

Lastly, my best friend in the whole wide world, Taryn. We've known each other since grade 4, we were 9 years old. I remember not getting invited to her birthday, and we lived across the road from each other, I watched all these girls having fun from my front verandah - needless to say she ended up waving me over. We've been through some really tough times together and it just reaffirms the fact that our friendship is strong, as we've always come out the other side stronger. She was at the birth of my second child, Amali, and will also be there for the birth of the triplets. She's currently 24 weeks along with her second child, a girl! A little sister for big brother Reef. I love her so much.

So as you can imagine, we had a great night, with lots of laughs, great food and of course great company. I could not believe how big I looked in these pics! Daniel said I looked like a tent! Oh well, at least I know my babies are big!

Front view, surely people won't say "you're not that big" after looking at this pic?! Looks like I stole the kids beach ball! And the side view - yes, I am wearing tights under my dress (it's could up on the range) and I did take my shoes off as soon as we got there - luckily there were no other diners in the restaurant and all the guests from the wedding in the function room didn't see me!

I knew that at some stage of my pregnancy I would end up feeling some sort of pain. Well, finally it has hit! I have a sciatica type pain running down the front side of my left leg, from my hip downwards about 20cm. Makes it hard to lift that leg to walk, put undies on, go up steps. Ouch! But hey, if that's all I'm going to cop, I'm super lucky!

Really not sleeping much at all due to the itching. I get about 2-3 hours at the start of the night, then scratch for an hour or so, drifting in and out of sleep, then I end up getting up and having a scalding hot shower, usually about 3am. This gives me a bit of relief and I can generally fall back asleep until the kids wake up. This morning I ended up falling asleep on the couch for 45 minutes at 7:30! It was a good cat nap which has gotten me through the day.

I had a lot of responses to my last post. Thank you! There is so much love flowing in from all over the world at the moment, I am truly blessed. I do want to point out though, that the last post wasn't so much about me being hard on myself, it was more about me letting go of being hard on myself. I have fairly high standards of myself, so to let that go was pretty big!

Here are the 34 week belly shots! Taken at 11pm last night after coming home from dinner. Hence the made up face, earrings and very tired look!

I remember when this dress used to touch the floor.........! The belly is definitely getting lower, both from the weight and the babies moving down so much. I actually have a large area at the top which is squishy - no babies in there!

You can still see the marks on my belly from my brace. It's amazing how small it looks compared to the above photos of me in the blue dress.

Lastly, a comparison shot of 28, 30, 32 and 34 weeks (left to right). I'll only be taking one more shot of me in this dress - when I go into labour (much to my husbands dismay!).

I've also been hand expressing colostrum. No, it alone will not send me into labour, but if I am about to go into labour, it could tip me over the edge. I got 1mL on my first attempt and now getting 1.5mL. I have enough for their first feed if they don't have their suck, breathe, swallow relfex at birth and have to be fed through a nasal gastric tube. Basically I hand express a tiny drop of colostrum, then quickly suck it up into a syringe. Take about 20 minutes to get 1.5mL.

I have a scan on Tuesday - and a bet with the sonographer. If I'm there, she owes me a box of chocolates, if I don't make it because I have gone into labour, I owe her a box of chocolates! From the last scan it appears that they will all be over 5lbs at birth, which is fantastic! (Drinking a protein shake as we speak...)

I'll update after the scan on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we will attempt to bring on the labour naturally, and if that doesn't work, 8am, Thursday 6th September I will begin to be induced. Wahoooooooooo!!!!!