Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Family Filled Weekend

After much waiting and changing of minds we finally welcomed Daniel's sister Angie and her little family to Qld for a little holiday. It has been 2 years since we saw them and with another addition to their family in that time a visit was well overdue. The fact that they live 8 hours drive away may have had something to do with the wait!

My little 'Miss' and Angie's little 'Mr' had a power struggle for the first few hours, but after Jordan came home it was all about 'Where's Jordy?' Kaiden is 2.5 and his little brother Logan is 9 months. It was actually a pretty good trial for our house! I really did think it was 'baby proof'. Umm, no. Angie came in and looked around and we started moving and putting things away straight away!

On Saturday we had LOTS more family here! Daniel's brother and his girlfriend, his aunt and uncle, his other brother, cousins and their kids - lets just say a full house!

Next time I'll get them all to bring their own towels and sheets - and take them home to wash! My laundry is full and my linen cupboard is empty.

Apart from that, a wonderful evening was had by all, chilling around the camp fire, then off to dinner (and obligatory face painting), then back home for more sitting around the fire. The hard core troops were up until 4am. I made it to midnight then that was it. I wasn't all that tired, I just was uncomfortable in my chair!

Angie and I thought we'd do the hungover ones a favour on Sunday morning and take 6 kids along to the plaza to buy birthday presents for 2 little princesses birthdays the next day. However, we stupidly made sure each child had $10 to spend and they could buy what they want........Almost an hour later, and some very near misses of rather large tantrums, each child had something in their hot little hand. I'm not sure why we thought it would be easy......

But we did have quite a laugh as we were walking through the plaza. After a few strange looks I figured out that maybe people thought we were a lesbian couple. Angie (blonde, skinny and beautiful) had little Logan in the Baby Bjorn carrier and hadn't taken her bag so she kept reaching into my bag for her wallet. Then Kaiden (2.5), Amali (3.5), Jordan (5.5) Chilli (almost 6) and Miah (11). And of course, me, looking like I was about to drop a baby on the shiny floor of the plaza. The lady in Myers gave us a funny look, and it came out wrong - I said 'Oh, don't worry, their not all OURS'......which was followed by even more funny looks. We had a good giggle about it!

We hit the big 'V' this week with the babies. V for viability. Obviously we don't want them to be born at this stage, but at least we know that from now on every day is a blessing and that they can survive. I have been getting swollen more often (hands and feet) which was a little worrying, but when elevated the swelling does go away. If it stayed I'd be worried. Feeling much heavier this week and the babies are ridiculously active. The last two nights they have kept me awake at night. Ailah (sitting on top) is the most active. She is constantly rolling and kicking, I suspect she is getting a bit squished. I continue to grow, so I know they are too, even though I haven't been sticking very well to my eating schedule this last week. Must make a better effort this week. I have to use my hands to help me roll over in bed at night. I HATE sleeping with Daniel. I never have enough room anymore.

Good news is he has started the nursery. I think I've been pretty patient about it. I lost it at him the other day, and what do you know - he and Kerry moved the rest of our stuff out into the new room - and he started the bog work. Finally. As soon as it's painted I'm moving the single bed in so I can get comfy!

I have a scan, glucose challenge test and an OB appointment next week, so I'll update you all then.

Check out this cool dude. Crazy hair day for the last day of Term 2. He was super impressed. So was I.

But I thought I'd leave you this week with my 2 beautiful 'singletons'. Being their silly selves.

Oh, and Angie, this one's for you honey. Yup, she's in her PJs. Love ya!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Now you're talking Dr Ted!


Today I had my next OB appointment with Dr Ted Weaver. I rang this morning to make sure I WAS seeing him, not just a registrar. I was still dubious until he walked into the waiting room and called me.

He started off by asking how I was ect ect, then went straight in and re-capped our previous meeting 6 weeks ago, straight into telling me how as long as I hit 32-33 weeks and Baby A's head was down and we all had no other serious health problems, that he saw no reason why I could not birth these babies naturally.

A good start.

Then (he must have seen my 2 pages of questions in my hand) he sat and waited to be hit with questions. My wonderful midwife and I had sat down before the last appointment and really knocked out what I wanted to know. This morning, I went over those questions and wrote down my 'ideal' birth experience. Here it is:
  1. labour starts naturally
  2. ability to stand/kneel/sit throughout
  3. not continuous monitoring - intermittent
  4. birth standing or kneeling
  5. hands off breech birth/s
  6. no drugs
  7. delayed cord clamping - if babies are healthy enough
  8. skin to skin immediately - again - if babies are healthy enough
  9. Daniel be allowed skin to skin whilst I'm birthing the others
  10. how best to manage 3rd stage
  11. Daniel to go with babies to Special Care Nursery if needed
Yes, I know it looks like a lot, but it's better to ask for more than less right? Here are his answers below:
  1. Absolutely. He believes that my labour will start naturally and agrees that it is much better for us that way.
  2. Throughout labour, yes. Much better for me to be comfortable and have the ability to move around whilst labouring. Which leads into #3
  3. He said that monitoring was 'recommended' (he inserted the quotation marks), but in reality, almost impossible to do properly with 3 babies. He said we'd work it all out when the time came, but no, I will not be hooked up to 3 CTG monitors, which leads into #4
  4. No. Probably the only real 'no' I got today. He wants me, especially for the breech birth/s to be upright on the bed. Ok, that's pretty much the same position as when I birthed the other 2 in the bath, so I'll compromise that one. Which leads into #5
  5. His words: "Well, that's the way to do breech births." (in response to a 'hands off birth') Umm, ok, really?? He went on to explain that with all the extra room in their, they will most probably wiggle and move a lot after A is born. So, he will have someone place a small amount of pressure with their hands on either side of baby (on top  of my stomach), to keep them centered, then as baby is being birthed, he will not pull, like I was told from the registrar, he may have to rotate slightly to keep baby's chin from getting stuck. But if they are the right way around - anterior - he will not touch them.
  6. The biggie. In the end - "it's completely up to you". I am completely shit scared of Epidurals. It's as easy as that. However.......I have a bit of a decision to make. Ted says it is highly unlikely that he will need to turn any of the babies (usually C if anything) internally. Yep. Hand up my vagina, through the cervix and grab a foot/head and bring the baby down. It has been done before, it will be done in the case of needing to get C out quick. But, he does doubt this will happen as my body has done this before and he is confident it will be able to do it perfect, even with 3. So, do I get the Epidural in case of this? As he said, as long as I know that if he needs to do an internal version, it will hurt. He said he has done them with another triplet mum, and some twin mums, who opted not to have the Epidural. They said they didn't care, and got through the pain. But the big BUT is: If something does go wrong, and they need to do a section, and I do not have an epidural line and drug in, I will need to be put under General Anesthetic. Scary. That means I will miss those first precious hours. The funny thing was, I was the one bringing up the 'what if's', he honestly thinks I'll be able to do this easy. It's nice that someone has the same faith in yourself that you do.
  7. Yes, as long as they are ok. Depends on their gestation length as well.
  8. See #7
  9. Probably not. He explained (as have other people) that premmies need to be kept warm. #1 most important thing to remember. So, it's ok for me to have a few minutes skin to skin, but then they want them in the humidicribs keeping and staying warm.
  10. Yes, this is a question more than a statement. With my history of long placental births, and the fact that loosing too much blood is a high risk in my situation, I'm happy to go with his recommendation here. I'll see what my body does for about 15 minutes, then re-assess. If the only drugs I have are at the end, that's ok. As he put it, "the last thing I want is for you to loose too much blood and then have 3 babies to look after. Not a happy ending at all"
  11. Of course he can go with the babies, and then as soon as I am finished in delivery "I can walk there myself".

So in case you haven't guessed it, I'm pretty happy. Yes, no matter what the time or day, he will be there. They will get the staff they need there. He is so confident in me. That is the best. He knows my mantra of focusing on the natural birth. He understands that I know it may not go that way, and that I'll be happy with that outcome as long as we are all healthy. And unless I ask about possible other outcomes, he doesn't bring them up. He knows I've done my research, knows I'm strong, and believes in my body as much as I do. He's very happy with their growth. He also thinks that they will come out within 10-15 minutes of each other. Very cool.

Another scan and appointment in 3 weeks. Happy Days!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Baby Shower

Another week has flown by! 
I'm now 23 weeks and 1 day. And I cherish it. I cherish it with all my heart. There have been 3 mums to be this week in our October due group that have lost their babies. God I am thankful. And lucky. Someone up there is looking out for me. 

Last Friday Daniel picked up the new van. For some reason it looks really small in this picture - it's not! But, amazing to drive! I love it so much already and I haven't even used it to it's full potential yet!

Then Saturday morning saw me head off to the baby shower in the empty van, only to come home a few hours later with it full! A lovely morning tea of scones with jam and cream, followed by a yummy lunch. Great company, half a glass of Champers and oodles of presents for the bubbas. And even a surprise from a beautiful friend from a long way a way who drove down for the weekend for it. Thank you all, you made me and these babies feel super loved.

A huge hamper from a lot of the girls ticked off many items on my list! Loved the subtle hint of condoms too.......! Cake made by Kate from Kate's Cakes and Cookies in Caloundra - so yummy - even if we didn't cut it at the shower, most people got to eat it that night or during the week. Sorry for those that missed out!


Loads of sheets, towels, clothes, wraps, medical bits and pieces, tummy time mats, blankets, toys, sookies, and a great 'gift voucher' booklet for me to redeem on my wonderful friends!


 And who could forget the pram!!! Thank you Nana xx

Finally, after much discussion, we have names!!
Baby A: Isaac Daniel Trama
Baby B: Dylan David Trama
Baby C: Ailah Elizabeth Trama
We both loved the names Isaac and Dylan. Daniel is obviously after Daddy. David was Daniel's uncle who he was very close to who passed away many years ago from Motor Neurone Disease. Ailah is pronounced Ay-lah. If anyone has ever read the the Earth's Children Series by Jean M Auel, they are my favourite books and the lead character is Ayla. Elizabeth is after Daniel's Grandmother who raised him. She passed away days before these precious babies were conceived. I made a pact with her on her death bed that if our next child was a girl, she would carry her name. I can't help but wonder if she had something to do with this!

After my most recent scan, I am happy to report that:
My babies all are still perfect. They are growing extremely well (must be those protein shakes), all blood flow and fluid around them is fine. My cervix is still classed as a 'super cervix', shut tight and at an extremely long 6cm still. I heard this week that the average 24 week triplet mum's cervix is 2.5cm. Wow. I only managed to get one good 3D shot of Baby B (Dylan) at this scan, the others were being shy. And, yes, he still looks like his big brother Jordan.

Isaac: weighs 541g, heart rate 151bpm
Dylan: weighs 639g, heart rate 154bmp
Ailah: weighs 599g, heart rate 151bpm
And cheeky Isaac is now breech, while his brother, Dylan is now head down. Isaac - this is your mother speaking - turn around and stay there!!!

Other than these exciting days, my week was filled with resting. Pretty much doing nothing. I wear my prenatal cradle (belly support) after lunch each day now, it feels like I have someone holding my belly up just a tad the whole time. Bliss. Sleep and I also have a few things to talk about. And I must have that discussion with my bladder too. Hmmmmmmm.

Yes, it is bigger. I'm growing three babies in there. Didn't you know?

I just wanted to add what an amazing and strong woman my friend is. After such a terrible week for her, she still found the energy and excitement in my scan update to tell me how happy she was for me. She also commented on my baby shower pictures saying how much fun it looked like I had, and that she hoped I rested that afternoon. MF, you outstand me. Your courage is amazing, and inspiring. Your heart and body aches but you are still there to share in others joy. What a woman. xxxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Terrible Tragedy

Just a quick post to let all of you who sent your thoguhts, love and prayers across the seas to the US. My lovely friend and her husband were saddened with the birth and death of their 3 beautiful babies Ryker, Thomas and MaryElizabeth on June 9th. Unfortunately they were born too early to survive. My heart goes out to them at this awful time and more than anything I wish I could see her and hug her. Life is so cruel some times.

MF & M, words cannot take away your sadness and pain, but know that there are so many of us thinking and praying for peace and healing xxx

Rest in peace little angels, look after Mummy and Daddy from above.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

22 Weeks

Firstly, please, please direct your thoughts and prayers to my lovely friend Mary Francis in America. She is 22 weeks and 5 days with her triplets and has been put on hospital bed rest as she is dilating and Baby A's waters are bulging through. As she says - she is trying to stay optimistic but they are in a very delicate situation. For those that don't know, babies are not considered 'viable' until 24 weeks, but have much better chances and future health outcomes at 26 and 28 weeks.

Hang in their Mary Francis. We are all thinking of you and your babies xxx

I've still been resting a lot, but also have been keeping myself busy. I've finished the babies cot doonas. Far cheaper than buying them, and I've just started making the cot doona covers. The boys ones have a green background and our little girl has a deep pink. I decided to do it this way as then I can change the theme/colours of the room fairly easily down the track if I choose.


We have also chosen our kitchen colours! The guys at Look Cabinets said 3-4 weeks and it will be in. Wow!! We will paint the rest of the house in quarter strength of the cupboard colour. The kicks will be in stainless steel and the bench tops are in a Ceasar Stone called 'White Diamonds' which have a lovely fleck of 'diamonds' throughout them.

This week the babies have been having a growth spurt and have been really active. We all sat around laughing at my belly the other night as they were jumping around and my belly was popping up and down. I am still trying to get it on video. If I put anything - book, bowl, remote, cup of tea - on my bump, they kick and wiggle. As soon as I eat anything they go crazy too. They also love M&Ms. Just like their mummy! They have a great old party after a handful of them. The other night Baby C (girl) woke me at 3am having a party all by herself. The boys (typical) slept through the ruckus the entire time. The little terror kept me awake for about half and hour! But I doubt that will be the last time she keeps me awake!

I've shoved Daniel over and claimed a lot more room in our bed. And if it's not me snoring (only pregnancy makes me do this), then it is Daniel. The other night I actually had to go sleep on the recliner in the lounge room. And I could still hear him. He NEVER used to be a snorer. Maybe it's sympathetic?? I even took a video of him, and boy was it loud!! With the extra bed space I've claimed I am sleeping better, but rolling over is now getting to be a chore. I now have to hold my belly or I get a lovely sharp pain. I also find that if I have been sitting or lying down, I am very stiff and sore when I get up. I feel like I've run a marathon! After a while I loosen up, but I do feel like a little old lady for the first few minutes! Every morning, and sometimes in the night, I wake up with pins and needles in my entire hands. It was only my fingers a few weeks ago. Again, I'm not yet worried as I do not get it during the day at all, only at night.

Other than that, I'm boring. If I do the right thing by my body (and babies) and rest, I feel perfectly fine. However I am going to start wearing my belly support, just to take some pressure off. I've been very naughty this week and haven't had a protein shake all week. I bought some frozen berries to blend through the shakes, just haven't got around to making one yet. Promise I will. Tomorrow.

Daniel picked up the latest addition to the Trama family yesterday. Probably the best and most practical. Our van. We bought a Hyundai iMax. 8 seater. Very cool. It was raining when he got home so instead of taking us for a real drive, he drove us around the house. I'll take a pic today.

And today is my baby shower! Hooray! I'm very excited. I get my pram today and I just know these babies are going to get spoilt rotten. Here is my gorgeous cake.


My lovely son however, did not listen to strict instructions yesterday. We told him not to climb in the back seat as we had important stuff in there. So what did he do? Climbed in the back seat and stood on the cake. Yep. He stood on the cake that Daniel had just picked up. Luckily he only stood lightly. I'm about to head to Woolworths to buy some icing and 'gap fill' the little bumps. He actually managed to stand on two of the feet and squish them a bit, and the center of the belly. You can even see the outline of his school shoe. Charming. Luckily this picture was taken before the 'shoe' incident.

22 Week pictures. Those stretch marks have really reappeared now and I finally have 'pregnant face'. You know, when your face puffs up slightly, trying to match you bump?

Oh, I have to let you in on a little secret. Daniel noticed a few weeks ago that when we've been taking these 'black dress' pictures (usually at night), my lovely nipples have been sticking out ridiculously far. So, to counteract that (my strapless bra does not fit anymore) I've been covering them up with one of his socks.

Thought that might give you a bit of a laugh!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Bit of Birthing Background

Firstly, I just would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who read (and hopefully enjoy) my blog! So far I have had over 5000 reads, which makes me feel just a little special :)

Secondly, I thought I'd give you a 'birthing background' about myself. Way back when I was about 13, a school friends mum was having her last baby. One day I went around for a visit and she had this big, blow up pool in the living room. Wondering what it was, I asked and found out it was her birthing pool that was set up for the impending arrival of their third child. A water home birth. I was in love. That, and the fact that both my brother and I were born at home, instilled the love of birthing in me. Yes my parents were hippies back then. But hey - who wasn't? (Come on Mum, you have to admit it.....)

Honestly, I was all set for a hospital birth with Jordan. I really was. Until I was told that I couldn't give birth in water. But if I paid $10k I could give birth in water at the private hospital 600m down the road. Uh, no. After a few weeks, and chats and phone number sharing with my beautiful yoga instructor (thanks Vanessa!) I decided to give birth at home. We didn't even have to hire a pool. Finally that huge corner spa bath would get used! Some of my family - including my husband - were dead against it. The first time we met our midwife, he refused to speak to her. The second time, he watched a home birth video for an hour with his jaw on the floor - in awe (sorry for the rhyming). I wouldn't say he was hooked, but he was nibbling at the bait and prepared for the bite. And anyway, if you know me - you don't go against me!!! Eventually he came round (or had no choice). So did the rest of my family. Jordan was born at home after a 36 hour labour (start to finish) at 2:07am on the 1st of January 2007. Yes, I did manage to say happy new year to my wonderful birthing crew!

Yes, there was a time during that long 36 hours that I thought - what the hell am I doing?! But I am an extremely positive person. I believe in the power of positive thoughts and I believe in my body. My body was made to birth. No, birthing a 9lbs4oz baby wasn't 'easy', but I still enjoyed it. Yep. I enjoyed it. The only time it hurt was when he was crowning. Otherwise it was just this immense pressure inside of me, and I gave myself  over to the feeling and just went with my body.

The second time round, my midwife knew I was pregnant before Daniel did! I think early on Daniel asked me if I'd home birth again. I think I just gave him 'a look' and that was that. Amali's labour was perfect. I went into labour around midnight, so I got up and began labouring by myself in the quiet, dark house. I had originally intended for Jordan, now 2, to be there, but he just happened to have been having a sleep over at mums that night. Obviously the universe didn't think it was a great idea to have him there, so that was fine. I laboured throughout the night by myself - the way I prefer in the early stages, it really helps me get 'into the zone'. I had my dad's relaxation music on, the same as with Jordan's labour, and I used the birth ball and lent over the kitchen table with a candle burning. I had to go to the loo a lot during those first few hours - the body's natural way of making sure the only thing it needs to concentrate on - birthing. During this time I got bits and pieces ready for the birth, half filling the spa, towels ect. I woke Daniel at 5am and told him I needed him now - he almost jumped out of the bed. I hadn't told him earlier on as I wanted him to get some sleep. He rang my midwife and she spoke to me and listened to me during a contraction. Then I said that I thought I was going to throw up - needless to say she got in her car straight away (this is a sign of transition, prior to serious labour happening). My best friend was to be another support person and she arrived within minutes of the phone call. I tried to walk up the hall way to get an internal so I knew how far along I was, but that short amount of walking bought the contractions on very strong and I never made it to the bed. Eventually I hopped into the spa and within about 45 minutes Amali was born at 7:05am. I even managed to tell everyone that she'd be out within 3 more pushes, and she was.

The second time the power of my body absolutely stunned and amazed me. There were a few times that my body just pushed by itself. There was a contraction and my tummy changed shape and pushed. I just laid there - amazed! She came out 8lbs8oz and a pale blue colour with bright red lips. And boy was I stoked when I lifted that little leg and discovered she was a girl! The best moment of my life so far. Sorry Daniel and Jordan - your birth and getting married come a close second!

So, this time round I told my midwife I was pregnant and arranged our first meeting for the same day as my dating scan. I walked out of the scan stunned beyond belief and went home to wait for her and tell her the news. The ironic thing was, that it was a given that this time I'd have my last baby at home. Daniel didn't ask about it or question it. That was the way it would be. Our children think it's strange when our friends go to hospital to have babies! However, this time the universe threw me a curve ball and in catching it I knew that I would not have that last home birth. These babies would be born in a hospital. But unless absolute necessary, I would not be having a c-section.

I suppose I wanted to share my two birthing experiences with you all so that you know where I am coming from. No, I don't need to justify my decision in wanting a vaginal birth, but I'm more helping you understand me and my choices. Yes, there is a chance that these babies will need to come into the world before 32 weeks. And that's ok. If the universe decides that that has to happen, then it is for a reason. But why should I put any thought and energy into this scenario? I know the things that can happen, I acknowledge them, I understand them, and I have put them aside. If the time comes that they need to be bought back to the forefront of my mind, then that will happen.

For now, my focus is growing these three miracles inside of me. Eating lots, gaining weight (which means the babies are growing) and resting. A lot. I went to the Plaza (our local big shops) yesterday, spent 2 hours there, including sitting down and having lunch (and when walking around I did it very slow), and it ruined me. I was so physically exhausted when I got back to the car. That is the worst I have been. Again, time to listen to my body and not do that again.

It feels great to lie with my hips up each day. I can feel my cervix saying 'thank you!' as the pressure is taken off it. I only last an hour in this position as the babies start to push on my lungs and breathing becomes harder. The blood also gets to my head! But it is important. Vital. In the next few weeks I hope to push that out to 2 hours a day. Everyone keeps asking me how I am. I feel great. As long as I rest.

The babies are kicking strongly now. I can watch my belly jumping when I'm resting. A lovely way to reassure me that they are growing healthy. I don't feel as much from Baby A as he is the lowest down and his placenta is in between him and my skin. Baby B and C have a field day though!

Almost 22 weeks now.
6 weeks until my first goal of 28 weeks.
10 weeks until my second goal of 32 weeks.
And 13 weeks until my big goal of 35 weeks.
But I keep having the number 36 weeks pop in my head.
We'll see.

My thoughts and love go across the seas to America to my triplet friend who at 22 weeks has been ordered on strict home bed rest as her cervix has shortened to a point where it is scary. This really hit home with me as to how important this rest is for me and my babies.

No pictures for 21 weeks, I need to get back on track and take them on Friday,  when I turn 22 weeks.

And happy Home Birthing day to you all :)