Monday, 26 March 2012

Rain and Baby Brain

Well, it's been quite a week! I hit 11 weeks on Friday - yay! Feeling great, apart from being super tired and exhausted some days, which leaves me sitting on the couch all day. Those who know me know that that is definitely not what I do! I'm certainly coming to terms with the fact I can't do much, I don't feel as guilty now as I did at first. It's funny, I'm already slowing down when I'm walking too, and get out of breath easily.
Last week Daniel took us up to a waterfall he came across that is in the state forest next to us. A beautiful little place, and only 5 minutes walk from our house. The excess water flows down the hill and into our place, creating a seasonal creek and waterfall in our swimming hole. This is where is all originates.

It was really beautiful and peaceful, we doubt anyone has really stumbled across it before, except maybe the people who have owned our property previously. There are little pools that are perfect for the kids to swim in, a little oasis all for us!

Amali's room is almost finished, Mum has just been painting the door and then she needs her new cupboards installed and done! One room down........

Jordan's room has just been finished - thanks Kerry! Just waiting on the cupboards in there too. Two rooms down.....
I bought these awesome shelves off The Shelving Shop a few months back, it is great to see them finally up, we think they are pretty funky and Daniel didn't even swear or throw anything when he put them up!
I bought Jordan's new loft bed 2nd hand off eBay, only problem was there wasn't any instructions.....but us girls don't need instructions. I was very proud of myself when it all came together. 
Even if Daniel did catch me banging in some little nails with the ice cream scoop....I couldn't find the hammer so it was the next best thing!
As it so often does on the Sunshine Coast, it began raining again on Thursday. Anyone who watched the news saw the flash flooding in places like Alexandra Headlands and Mooloolabah. Thank gosh we didn't get the same amount slightly further North. We really do not need any more rain. Once again Daniel tied our paddock basher to his fence to stop the rushing water from taking down his fence (again).

Come Friday morning the rain had eased and Daniel was called to work in Brisbane. Problem was, at 4:30 he couldn't see all that well down the driveway and got half way and had to turn back. The water was too high and began flooding into his car. So our other alternate route is up the hill through the state forest.
However, as it has pretty much non stop rained for the last 3 months, the ground did not like his 4WD trying to take the turn towards our boundary gate and he promptly began sliding backwards towards the creek....

Unable to do anything except hope the car would stop sliding, he then became bogged in the waterlogged ground. Thankfully that stopped the car. After phone calls to his boss he legged it to the top of the hill and was picked up. He said he's never walking up that hill again!
Baby brain has made a huge (or taken a huge) chunk out of my life. Seriously, I barely got it with the other two. I barely remember anything and I'll get asked something and I have to think soooo hard to remember what it is I'm talking about.
Here are a few stupidity examples:
1. Ordering the gyprock to line our office for our new bedroom. Had it delivered and thought how organised I was. Then realised I had forgotten to include enough for the ceiling......
2. Got Jordan to school this morning and saw a child get out of the car next to us dressed in fancy dress. Crap - forgot it was Carnivale day. One of the mums saw me do a quick u-turn and guessed I'd forgotten. Quick drive home, Jordan undressed himself down the driveway with me yelling 'bump'! And got himself dressed as a tiger as we drove back out.
3. Picked Jordan up from school today and totally forgot about soccer training this afternoon.
I'm on a roll.
A FAIL roll!

This week I have grown - lots! But I have also lost my huge appetite. I know I still need to eat good amounts of food, so trying to make the most of this - baked beans, cottage cheese, nuts, fruits, fresh juices, and some choccy added in there for good measure!
I had such a huge weekend away at a hens, sooo nice to have a break from the kids and hubby and be with all my girls. Almost all of us have kids so we didn't know ourselves - we actually managed to talk and finish conversations! Huge night on Saturday night with topless waiters, stretch hummer and a night on the town. I even managed to stay awake until 1am. Was lots of fun watching all my girls drink themselves silly!
Tummy shot for the week:

 And the long black dress shot for the week too. I'm also taking nude pics each week - but they're for my eyes only!!

I had a check up today at my GP and got my referral for my bloods and 12 week scan. Can't wait until next Wednesday - it is so far away! This time I don't feel worried that something has gone wrong, and if it has, there is nothing I can do about it hey? Daniel seems to be going great with the whole concept, which I'm pretty amazed at. He's only concerned about how it will all affect my body and if they will be ok after they are born. I can clearly see myself getting to 35 weeks and having 2kg+ babies, so hopefully that is where I get too, but that's a long way away.
Once I have my 12 weeks scan and am referred to the RBH (hopefully they'll take me) at least I'll have more of an idea of where I'm heading. At the moment I feel a little abandoned and want to be able to get answers to all my questions........


  1. I don't know how you do it all! I'm so exhausted and sleep all the time, and I don't have a family to take care of! Good luck with your 12 week appointment, can't wait to hear how good it goes.

  2. I love reading your updates. I'm 16 weeks with twins myself. You are looking great! I love the shelves you put up, I'm going to order some just like it for my kitchen, we built our house 2 years ago and I always planned to get something like this, but hadn't found the right thing, so thanks for the great idea :)

  3. Loving reading your progress. I'm currently 20weeks with our 5th baby. Quick question for you...where did you get the white little shelving units from? They look fabulous ...wanting to do that in my sons room too.cheers Mel.

    1. Hi Mel! Thanks for following! I got the shelves from, they have an awesome range and lots of different colours as well. I think they were only about $50ish?? We are still to get them up in my daughters room.....!
      Good luck with baby number 5!