Tuesday, 3 April 2012

End of the First Trimester

Looking back over the last 6 weeks time has flown. These babies are going to be out in no time!

Jordan has finished his first term of big school - only about 47 more terms to go mate! I am a very proud mummy, he is loving school and wants to write every day. This morning I have been teaching him about how to write rhyming words that end with 'at'. After cat, mat and rat he cottoned on and then wrote fat and hat. No help from me. What a clever kid. He also had his first 'real' game of soccer on Saturday and even scored 2 goals! They beat the other team 15 -1!

 That's him on the left - such a little guy!

Amali hasn't been well the last few days, and after taking her to the doctor for the second time, her ear is infected. So she had her first cold last week and an ear infection this week. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

We have been doing a bit more work around the place, the office (our new room) is now lined thanks to Dad and my brother Nathan - yes I ordered the gyprock for the ceiling, the guy even delivered it for free as I think he felt sorry for me!! Hopefully they'll have that all finished in the next week or so, then we can paint and put the flooring down and move it! Then we'll get started on the nursery.
Yes, I know I keep saying 'we', it certainly doesn't include me, but all those Bunnings trips count for something don't they?

I had my blood test yesterday, Amali and Jordan were quite interested and asked lots of questions. A lady on the HOM (Higher Order Multiples) Facebook site had her triplet bubbas yesterday. All between 1.4 and 1.7kg and two were only on oxygen (CPAP) for a few hours and she even got to do some kangaroo cuddling. She was 32 weeks. It is amazing looking at the photos, they are so tiny, but breathing on their own. I showed the kids the photos this morning and explained all the tubes and lines over the baby, so they don't get a fright when they see their little brothers or sisters like that.

I have been feeling great this week, I've even started taking protein shakes every second day. The tiredness get to me though, but, yes, I am listening to my body and resting as much as I can.
My day yesterday was as follows:
  • Breakfast/let the children pretend to be horses and jump jumps up the hallyway while I got in my morning Facebook session
  • Let chickens and horses out
  • Had my blood test done
  • Did the food shopping (very slowly)
  • Took Amali to the doctor as she had a high fever throughout Woolies
  • Home for lunch and Amali's sleep (thank god)
  • Washed the dishes
  • Put washing on the line and took some off
  • Folded said washing
  • Sat on the couch looking at said folded washing and could not move
  • Drove Jordan to soccer training
  • Made chicken and corn soup
  • Came home to have a lie down, only to find that the washing machine would not drain as their was something stuck in it. Whilst waiting  for each bucket to fill from the manual drain hose, I sat in the laundry and closed my eyes.
Sad, I know. Yes, it was a busy day. But it's the busiest of the week. Today we are off to Chipmunks play center and I won't be able to resist stopping at spotlight to check out some flannelette cot sheets......x 3

Here are the belly and dress shots for the week. Once again, sorry about the blurry belly one. Daniel got the shits and wouldn't take it so auto focus screwed it up.

Oh - and Dan's off to Thailand on Friday and I'm going away with all my friends for a relaxing easter at Tuan. Bring it on!

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  1. Hi there - Thank you for sharing your story - I am really enjoying following your journey and am right there with you in spirit. Your day sounded so busy and isn't it terrible when it's busy AND something goes wrong. You're doing a great job.

    Here's to a nice cuppa and a good lie down.