Sunday, 4 March 2012

The 'to do' List

Well, our list just keeps getting longer.
Everyone has things on their 'to do' list that they never seem to get around to. Like putting together my wedding album. From 2009. And many more random things like this: Tidying the linen closet, going through that box of 'stuff' to see if you really need it. Sewing those horse rugs. Finishing knitting that jumper from 2003. Framing that Starshots family photo. See? I'm sure you are going through your own list in your head as you are reading some of mine.
Well, you know what? There is absolutely no way these things are going to get done after these babies arrive! So best be getting on to them. Except maybe that knitted jumper......
Jokes aside, our real 'to do' list involves much more expensive and larger projects.
Here are a few:
  • renovating the office so we can move our bedroom in there and start renovating our (old) bedroom into a beautiful nursery for three little ones
  • painting and decorating the soon to be neglected older children's bedrooms. I feel it's important to do this before the babies come along so they have a space that is truly 'theirs'
  • purchase new water tanks (as the rain comes down again)
  • put new lights up on the back patio - the old ones were taken out 5 months ago honey.......!
  • new doors/windows/screens on the office, kids rooms and nursery
  • fix the roller blind in the lounge room - it's been broken for 4 months......
  • plant the plants we bought with us when we moved - 6 months ago.......
  • put the new round yard up - when I finish paying it off!
  • brush cut and poison our front fence line as it makes our property look untidy
  • get rid of the ridiculously large pile of mulch that has been sitting there for 4 months......
As you can see, this is a pretty comprehensive list, and every day we think of other things we could add to it, but we don't as I would probably run out of paper!
You should see our Bunnings list.
Here are the kids room colours. They love them.

Daniel and my step dad Kerry began pulling the office apart yesterday, so now it is an empty shell and ready for new windows and screens, sheeting on the walls, flooring and a lick of paint. That'll probably take 4 weeks if we're lucky.
We decided to move into the office first instead of stressing about getting the extension done by the time the babies get here. Mainly, we realised that we don't have the luxury of a 'standard' pregnancy timeline and I won't be able to do much before long. This way we get out of our room ASAP and can start prepping it for painting and new windows so it can be the nursery.
My best friend drew up our extension plans for me, so as soon as we have majority of the big things on this list done we will begin that in stages. If we get it done prior to the babies arriving, great. If we don' we'll just keep ticking away at it. Here are some pics of what it will look like.
Designed by CKTazco Designs. Look them up if you are needing design work done quick and well. Her hubby is also a builder so they make a great team. Our existing house is all one story, the second story will go above the current carport and we will leave the cars underneath for now. Then when the babies are motoring around we will extend into the car port and put it out the side, like in the plan.

This is me (obviously - duh!) off to pregnancy yoga on Saturday, 9w5d. The tummy is getting much harder to pull in!

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  1. You look wonderful ... don't fall into that old trap of eating for ... four!
    PS. My wedding photos from 1995 are still in an envelope.