Friday, 9 March 2012

A Quick Update

Due to the fact that I have baby brain x 3 (just ask my husband), I finally remembered to pick up my scan films two days after my scan. You saw the latest 'family photo' in my last entry, so here are their 'individual' shots.
 You can just see little arm and leg buds appearing on either side of Baby A! Too cute!
Baby B
Baby C

Baby A - 2.16cm
Baby B - 2.90cm
Baby C - 2.98cm
So far they are measuring exactly correct for the 2 week difference in scans. I can't wait for my 12 week scan, hopefully they will be moving around and looking more like little humans rather than blobs.

On another note, we moved everything out of Amali's room during the wet weather and Daniel has started to do the prep work before we paint it. She is happily having 'sleep overs' in her big brother's room whilst this is happening. Not sure how long Jordan will think it's a novelty for though.
Hopefully it will be painted over the weekend and we can move her back in, then we just need her new cupboard, which a friend is making for us. Daniel is not letting me do any of the sanding, and has since decided I shouldn't be painting either! I tried to argue the fact that I painted throughout both previous pregnancies, but he insisted - 'this one is different'. I got a bit cranky and said 'well, what am I supposed to do then?' His reply - 'you just sit down and keep knitting those blankets'. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Lastly, it's only 4 weeks til Daniel goes to Thailand. A tidy house - yay!

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