Friday, 16 March 2012

Porcelain Doll

'Porcelain Doll'? Some of you may ask. What on earth has that got to do with anything?? Well, a lot! You see, at the moment I feel exactly like that - a Porcelain Doll. I'm not allowed to do anything. I am such a fragile little thing. Sure, some of you may think that is awesome, but not me. Those who know me know that I am go go go go all the time. I'm the 'busy' mum. But not now. I'm not allowed to bog, sand, paint (did this with both my last two and they came out alright), carry heavy things (mum tried to stop me carrying a washing basket...?), stay on my feet too long, ride the ride on down the bumpy driveway or in the bumpy paddock, vacuum, and the list goes on......
I am allowed to do the dishes, sweep the floor, do the washing, mow the yard on the ride on, and cook dinner. How boring. I know, I should be resting. I am trying - but it is so hard going from busy busy busy to doing nothing. The other change is in my husband. He is a typical male - cannot make up his mind - and normally tells me I do to much ect, then, when I am relaxing he tells me I should be doing something.....but now, wow, what a change! He wants me to rest, put my feet up, take a break, and most of all, not do anything. I complained about not being able to do anything and feeling useless to him the other night. He shocked me with his response -
"Well babe, it's not about you anymore, it's about those babies."
Anyone who knows Daniel will be just as shocked as I was!
The last 6 days have been anything but restful though. I have had the busiest week since finding out I was pregnant, and my body has certainly been telling me to slow down. At least I know from this early stage what I can and can't do to my body.

The boys - Daniel and Kerry (my step dad) have started the renovations and they are off in full swing. After the office was gutted last week we bought a window to replace the yucky sliding door, and they (mostly Kerry) installed it the other day. It is so nice to see things being prepared - even if I can't help. I am REALLY good at going to Bunnings though. I swear we only seem to renovate when I'm pregnant. I wonder if it's a ploy to keep my brilliant renovating mind out of the action?
 It still needs a lot of work, but you get the general idea. Daniel also did a great job on the prep for Amali's room. He did a bit of painting, including the roof, but sorry honey, it really isn't your forte. Kerry soon took over, with the help of Mum too and they got the room looking beautiful. I haven't a picture to show yet as she is asleep now and Jordan's bed is in there too as we have now started prepping his room.
 Amali's room before painting, and with a coat on the ceiling and first lot of cutting in done around the cornice.
On a super cute note though - look what started hatching on Wednesday!! This little guy is a cross between our (now deceased) Aracana rooster and a big Sussex hen. She has another two to hopefully crack open, and one of our Reds is sitting on about 10, so we'll see what happens over the next few days....

 I got to get all dressed up on Wednesday night for the annual Prep Mums Dinner for school. This is another of my Coles clothes purchases, I think I'll go back and get the blue one too. Super comfy, made of a wool type materiel and very, very stretchy. You'll be seeing this a lot more often!

 It was a lovely night, yummy food and lots of laughter with about 40 mums letting their hair down. I even got a cuddle and a kiss from the principal after she found out I was having triplets! I think she is a tad excited that there will be triplets at her school in 5 years!

So today I hit 10 weeks - yay for me! Still feeling excellent, so many people comment on how good and happy I look, which is so nice. I have days here and there where I feel a bit off, but eating small and often all day helps that heaps. I am far more tired than with the other two, to be expected though. I can feel my boobs growing again (yay says Daniel), and cannot wait to feel the babies start moving. (I'm sure I'll get over it though when they are bigger and playing soccer with my intestines)
 So here is the 10 week belly shot. Pardon it being so blurry, I was using the self timer and couldn't get it to focus. It sure is getting bigger! As you can see from this shot, I really have no room between my hips and my boobs, not sure where all these babies are going to fit!
 I was lying in bed this morning and feeling my tummy. I got a bit teary as I could actually feel a little rock hard bump poking up. It certainly wasn't there last week. My babies are real! And they are growing!! Woohoo!
When I'm standing I do look like I am pregnant, but most of that is 'left overs' and not really hard yet, like a real baby bump should be.
It was such a nice moment, and one that I think I will cherish always.


  1. Love reading your make me proud of course, but you also bought a tear to my eyes this morning too. Yes we will all be keeping an eye on you as we DO know exactly "how busy" you normally can be, but now it's our turn to tell you what to do - ha ha - all you have to do is listen!!! Very difficult for you xxx

  2. Congrats on making it to 10 weeks, it's a great feeling, isn't it? :) I'm so glad I have someone to share this journey with! You look fabulous, and that's so awesome that your hubby is being so supportive. I can't say I know how you feel though, because I'm used to not doing much, lol!

    I had an IUI to get pregnant, so we've always known exactly how far along I am. So my dates havent changed. But I'm glad yours did, it's great that we're only a few days apart. I was so quiet for awhile because I was just so nervous that something was wrong. But now that I'm almost 11 weeks and got to see them I'm feeling much more confident. I can't believe you have to wait 2.5 weeks, that's way too long! Good luck being patient! :)

    1. Thanks Mary!!!!! Great to hear from you!! Glad to hear all is ok, it is going to kill me having to wait that long but after that they'll refer me to the hospital so I'm sure things will drastically change for me then :)