Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Second Scan

I have something to admit.....I really desperately wanted another scan this week so we all trooped off to the doctors......and I lied and told her I'd had a small bleed yesterday. Well, they got me in for a scan straight away and low and behold all my little munchkins were there!
What a huge relief :)
 Three little blobs in three separate sacs with three little heart beats. All measuring just over 2cm long and with heart rates of 179bpm. I must admit I had a little teary cry. But the best thing about it was that Daniel got to see them finally! He just rubbed my leg throughout it.
 Here is the next 'long black dress' belly shot. I've had to alter my dates back about 1.5 weeks as I need to go by the fact that I ovulated late. So today the babies measured at 8 weeks and 4 days, so I'm putting my dates to my estimated due date of 12th October. This means I am about 9 weeks.
Mind the undies. I don't mind showing everyone my belly as it grows, but to make it look a little bit nicer I am changing the colour to black and white! This was taken in the morning, but by night I am far bigger due to bloating - very typical in pregnancy grrrrrr!

The rain has stopped for now here, out of our front paddock of about 20 acres we have about 5 that are not under water. The horses are fine though, but the cow is at the other end marooned on the only high spot.
This is our place from the front.
 Apparently the water was over the letter box yesterday evening when it peaked.
At least we tied our bins up this time hey?


  1. Wow Chenoa, you look FANTASTIC! :D I don't blame you for the little white lie to get the scan, I have considered the same since I'm not booked for a scan until 12w6d!

    I hope you don't have any damage at your place from the flooding?

    P.S We have matching underwear ;)

  2. Aw, you look great! You're much more confident than I am - I still won't share my belly shots without a shirt! And I just might steal your 'small fib' because this not knowing is driving me crazy! The babies look adorable!

    That's crazy about the flooding, I hope you don't have too much damage.

  3. Hi .....just found you, Congratulations.
    You certainly have a job ahead of you, I am sure being organised is going to be the best thing and you seem to have got off to a good start already.

    I have been following a blog called "Down to Earth" it is by Rhonda from Malany and is so helpful with cutting costs and living healthy.