Thursday, 18 October 2012


Happiness is sharing a piece of freshly baked bread with my daughter as we do the shopping
Happiness is getting a hug from my son and realising he doesn't want to let go to quickly
Happiness is watching my husband walk through the door with a smile on his face every afternoon
Happiness is eye contact with Ailah and receiving a huge first smile
Happiness is having healthy children - 5 of them!
Happiness is watching family smother my children with love
Happiness is taking Amali for a trail ride on her pony for the first time in months
Happiness is Dylan turning his head when he hears his Daddy's voice
Happiness is watching a woman tenderly help her elderly father into the car
Happiness is having wonderful friends
Happiness is dipping freshly made cookies into a cup of tea
Happiness is hearing your children play with each other
Happiness is realising Isaac did not feed through the night, but slept til 4am
Happiness is seeing the look on Amali's face when her little sister smiled at her
Happiness is watching father and son hoon around on a motorbike
Happiness is listening to Daddy tell his daughter he'll take her clothes shopping
Happiness is having the gift of fertility, easily
Happiness is watching Daddy and the older children making themselves dinner together
Happiness is gazing at 3 sleeping babies, all facing the same way
Happiness is being told by my daughter that she loves me. Every day
Happiness is watching my peacock sit at the nursery door
Happiness is having a daytime nap, snuggled up with one, or more, of my babies
Happiness is going for a walk while my daughter rides happily beside me
Happiness is playing with my little filly for the first time in 9 months

Happiness is feeling content.

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  1. Come to see if you have updated and laugh to see the calendar at 41 weeks and 5 days. Not with triplets I would think. My first was 41 weeks 5 days when born - hope all is well and you are getting some sleep.