Monday, 5 November 2012

8 Weeks On

So, life's pretty busy! I swear I have been trying to write a post for the last 5 days, and I'm currently typing with one hand while holding a breast feeding baby with the other! The bubbas are great, we are sailing along smoothly (well, mostly), it's so hard to believe they are over 8 weeks already!

I'm great, getting lots of sleep, Dylan and Ailah have slept through twice, and Isaac just the once. Yay! I'm going to do a  photo post :)

A very proud Daddy with his babies - about 5 weeks old

 Our itty-bitty Ailah. She's slowly putting weight on, but she is stronger than both her brothers!

 Where I can be found most of the day! You quickly understand the need for being organised and having everything within arms reach. I can stand up while twin feeding though! Dylan on the boob, Ailah pretending to be a koala and Isaac asleep on the couch.

 How they all sleep. Note the rolled up wraps above their heads? To shove next to the dummy to help keep it in! Isaac is our main dummy man, then Ailah. Dylan seriously doesn't know what to do with it, he'll take it eventually, but sometimes it's quicker to let him have a cry and fall asleep than to get him to suck the dummy!

Isaac (being cranky of course), Ailah and Dylan. They are starting to have more awake time in between feeds and sleeps. About 6 weeks old.

 Isaac's first shower with Daddy. 7 weeks. After a bath he literally screams the house down until there's a boob in his mouth. After the shower he was so blissed out!

 Miss Ailah also loved her shower with Daddy. Dylan is yet to have a shower.

 My 3 beautiful little darlings. So very different! Ailah, Isaac and Dylan. 8 weeks.

All together. Can't believe they all looked! But I was jumping around, wriggling a toy and talking in silly voices!

 And one of the outtakes!

 This is how we shop when I don't do online. Amali pulling a face, Dylan and Isaac. Ailah was in the sling.
The beautiful Emily Black sent me all the photos and slide shows up the other day. Here are some other beautiful pics that I had to share. Some you may remember from the slide show.

My all time favourite. Hard to believe this was taken at 2:43pm. My waters broke at 8:04pm. Wow.

And then there is this. I love this just as much. Taken at 12:19am after a shower. About 2 hours after I'd finished birthing 3 babies and the placenta. I'm on top of the world. Notice I'm holding my back? Oh the pain!! I'm still wearing support pants for my back, it's almost better with the help of physio and massages. Must have been pay back for not having any back pain during pregnancy!

 During the slideshow, it was this image that bought me to tears. My beautiful children who had been so patient with me for many months while I was pregnant. Skipping down the hall to meet me.

And on a side note - the guy walking towards the camera? Get this - he is my old boss from Brisbane!

Daddy holding big sister, holding Dylan. And in a Dejavu moment:

Daddy holding big brother, holding Amali. Precious xx

Amali holding the love of her life, her little sister Ailah x

 Amazing, strong, beautiful women. Emily Black and my bestie, Taryn. Love you both xx
(PS: excited much girls?)

 Daddy with Isaac after the birth, just before he picked him up for the first time.

This next set of pictures makes me a little sad. They are all about Dylan's journey. Here he is being wheeled to the Special Care Nursery with two of the pediatricians.

 Daniel walked up and back from the SCN to Birth Suite many times, texting, phoning, and bringing me updates on Dylan as well as his first pictures.

One of my favourites. Daniel tells me he was lying there and no one (apart from me very quickly) had touched him without gloves on their hands. He went up to him and laid his hand on his chest and he says his colour changed and he relaxed. Beautiful first moment for them.

 And my little man. He looks very worn out and tired. In case you missed it, he was very stressed from his birth. He had fluid on the lungs which I'm told is fairly normal for a breech baby. But I believe that a lot of his stress is from his birth not being hands off like it should have. The registrar was very hands on, pulling his legs down (when they were clearly coming down by themselves) and pulling on him as I pushed. I wish I had have known what she was doing, or said something. I wish Ted had have been there, I'm sure it would have been a very different birth. But he's here, safe and healthy now.

 Miss Ailah gazing up at her mumma.

My placentas. Dylan's, Ailah's up the top, then Isaac's at the bottom.....we think!

And my other two amazing children. Dressed up for Jordan's school disco. He desperately wanted me to come as I missed the last one from being too big! They had a blast. I'm sure I can see a resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow. And of course the fairy princess who is a dead ringer for me. Literally.

We've been trying to keep life the same for the older two. Hard, but very important.
Motorbike riding

 Trips to the park

 Fun outings with good friends. Zanthe and Amali. Note the matching togs? Too cute.

 And the smiles began rolling in from 5 weeks! Isaac above, and Ailah below in both pictures. Still am yet to catch one of Dylan's elusive smiles!

 All my crew!

 Nothing better than triplet cuddles. Honestly. Ask a triplet mum.

 We had our needles on Friday. They were excellent and didn't cry too much - nothing better than a big, milky boob! However, we've suffered the last 3 days. Cranky, not sleeping or settling, vomiting milk back up and very runny poos. Seems like today things are back to normal. Yay!


  1. How gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm impressed you could type so much with one hand! I'm hopeless at typing more than a sentence or two with one hand. You are completely right. Newborn triplet cuddles are the best.

  2. Great to see some photos - been checking but understandy how busy you must be - super mumma - they sure are precious.

  3. everytime i read your blog I am blown away! Just love reading about your life and your journey :) Beautiful photo's!

  4. Thank YOU... I love catching up with updates of your gorgeous family... blessed... love it. BIG HUGS to all!