Friday, 12 October 2012

40 Weeks!

Happy due date to me
Happy due date to me!
Happy due date to meeeeee,
Happy due date to me!

October 12th. 40 weeks. Looking at the babies now, all together they've put on about 1kg, I reckon I could have carried another kilo. Hehehehehehe!

I thought I'd share lots of pics of myself, Daniel, Jordan and Amali as babies, as well as the triplets. You can see a huge resemblance between us and some remarkable likeness in some!

 Here is me aged around 7 weeks, and Daniel around 3 months.

 Jordan and Amali
I never realised how much alike they looked until I put these two photos side by side.

 Ailah and Amali
Ok, so she doesn't have the roundness yet, but you get the general idea!

Isaac and Jordan
He has Jordan's huge eyes.

And Isaac's scan at 19 weeks. 

Amali and two shots of Dylan
You can tell he got her chubby cheeks!
 And this is just to show that Amali and Ailah have more than looks in common. Little wrigglers!
This is Amali the first time she slept in her pram. Needless to say I did her up from then on.

Something funny occurred to me over the last week. I look at Dylan and think 'gosh you're huge!'. In actual fact, he's 3.2kg now. Amali was 3.8kg born. Jordan was 4.2kg born. Puts it into perspective doesn't it?


  1. Your children are just awesome in all their beauty! :)

    God Bless!

  2. I've read through some of your blog, what an incredible story you have! Love that you had a vaginal birth and are breastfeeding. I wished for a vaginal birth but no one else did : ( At least I was able to breastfed my identical BBB till they turned two about a month ago : )

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