Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Super quick update!

I had my scan yesterday, all bubbas are perfect and growing great for 30 weeks and 4 days.

Issac: measuring at 30w4d, 1656g/3lbs10oz
Dylan: measuring 31w4d, 2128g/4lbs11oz
Ailah: measuring 31w2d, 1795g/3lbs15oz

My cervix is still holding out fantastic, now measuring at 3cm in length, which is considered great for this gestation in triplets. Still a super cervix!

Then I had my hospital appointment this morning to check on my Bile levels ect. Amazingly, my levels have not just stabilised, they have gone DOWN to 7! I was wondering why I wasn't as itchy this week! Will still do bloods weekly to keep an eye on it, so hopefully they stay that low from now on.

I put the hard word on Dr Ted today - will he be 100% on call for me? And I got the answer I was waiting for - yes! He's given me 2 days and a weekend that I am NOT allowed to go into labour. This Friday, Friday in a fortnight and the weekend of the 25/26th August.

After meeting with all the staff that will need to be involved for the birth, he is happy and confident to say that everyone is looking forward to it, extra staff are on call and it won't take long for the troops to mobilise. The only negative thing that came from today was that the pediatricians have decided that they will not take the babies at Nambour until 33 weeks, not the original 32 weeks. Ted was apologetic but it is a decision that was taken out of his hands. Oh well, just have to keep them in a week longer now!

And I got my first needle in the butt - steroid shot today. It helps the babies lungs mature and is more of a proactive measure, so that IF I go into labour earlier than expected, they will have less troubles breathing on their own.

That's all from me :)

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