Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Soul Searching Decision

I've had a rough couple of days. I cannot believe the difference a week makes in a triplet pregnancy. I know, that's a bit naive of me at this stage! I literally feel like I am walking around with a balloon waiting to pop in between my legs. There is a lot of pressure. If I thought I waddled before this, then I feel like an elephant waddling this week.

My itching has really hit me hard. I had even resorted to getting up at 3am to have a long, scalding hot shower - not great for the tank - but hey, it took the itch away for half an hour! Albeit, it's not funny anymore. I barely get 2 hour blocks of sleep at a time (yes, preparation for what's ahead) and I'm pretty sure if you videoed me, I'd be scratching in my sleep too. This, combined with the fact that there is a tickle at the back of my throat that is waiting to jump out and grab me as soon as I am run down has led me to make a decision that I didn't think I'd ever make.

I'm not going to push to have my induction date moved back a week.

Dramatic I know. Well, it is to me. Those of you who know me or have read my blog the whole way will understand that this goes against my birthing beliefs. I never wanted to be medically induced. Hopefully I won't need it and will go into labour naturally - with a little natural help of course! So, our babies will be here no later than Thursday 6th September!

I really feel I've done a great job getting this far. Yes, it was my goal to get to 35-36 weeks, on induction day I'll be 34 weeks and 6 days. I am anal, but not that anal that I'll be concerned with 1 day! My babies are healthy, big and they'll need their mumma to be healthy too. I did feel a little selfish for making that call, as I feel pretty darn good otherwise, but I know I've made the right decision.

When I saw Dr Ted today he did have a little chuckle when I said I didn't want the extra week anymore. We went through the birth plan again, going over any points I was unsure of. I admitted that I was worried about the rolling cascade of intervention that can happen after an induction. He believes 100% that it won't happen for me as I have already birthed 2 big babies easily and my body knows what it is doing. He said it is usually first time mums who have the rolling intervention problems after and induction. Honestly, I've said it before, but I am so happy to have an OB that trusts my body and its ability as much as I do. He also said that if he did and internal he thinks I'd probably be about 5cm dilated already! Wahoo!

My wonderfuly midwife is coming out tomorrow to discuss a plan of action for next week and to run through breech birth with her favourite little doll and pelvis. I cannot believe I am this close. I want to try to hold out until the last moment though........we'll see!

Will post my 34 week belly shot on Friday and some more comparing pics :)


  1. one week... please... :) You're a remarkable woman!

  2. I reached the same point as you when pregnant with my twins. I had a goal in mind and once it came closer to the end of the pregnancy I also reassed what was important and why. I had to make the decision as well that I needed to be well and able to birth at my best and able to look after them when they were born as well as their 4 & 2 yr old siblings. I highly recommend a few days rest in hospital before babies are born so that you canbe taken care of. You willdo it and you will do it great. You have already done so well. I think of you and send you strength from afar.

  3. Can't believe you reached 34 weeks with triplets!! If you try having sex before the induction it may trigger the labor naturally. Good luck for your delivery and I hope these three precious babies will be healthy and strong!

  4. Well done for getting as far as you have! I randomly came across this blog and have been following your inspirational journey. You sound like a very strong lady who knows exactly what you want and where you want to be. The induction sounds like it is certainly the safest decision you can make for your babies, so don't feel guilty. I was induced with my first and had no intervention at all. They discussed inducing me with my second and said all that would need to be done is for them to break my waters, which may be an option for you? All the best for a smooth delivery and can't wait to hear your exciting news! :-)

  5. I'm sure it was a tough decision, but 34w is awesome! It's really great you have a dr that believes in you and has worked with you every step of the way. My babies will also be here on/by 9/6, but it's only 32w for us! Hoping we both can hold them in until then!!