Sunday, 26 August 2012

I'm Still In One Piece!

Yay! Another (although unofficial) milestone reached - 33 weeks! Means my babies can be born at Nambour General Hospital, which is only 20 minutes from home. After my appointment last week and having an induction date looming over our heads, my wonderful homebirth midwife and I sent many emails back and forth from Bali, where she was only holidays. Plan is now to wait until this Wednesday and see if Ted gives me another week, then we'll work around that. We'll try every trick in the book to get things started without medical intervention. I loved the fact that as soon as she landed back in Brisbane, my midwife texted to see how 'all four of us were'. I replied - Still in one piece!

I had all my girlfriends here with their kids yesterday they all bought a plate to share for morning tea and did some house work while they were here. Amazing bunch of girls. As they were leaving I couldn't help but think - 'I wonder if the next time I see you, I'll have had these babies'. Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that!

It seems like every week, something gets harder. I mean, of course it will, that's the nature of a triplet pregnancy! This week it seems bending down is the culprit. If I'm holding onto something like the bench, I can manage to pick up things from the floor, but if I am not holding onto something - forget it. I just cannot get all the way down!

I woke up a few mornings ago with a rather sharp pain in my side, it felt almost like I had run into a corner of a table with my belly or something. After much poking and prodding I found the source - Dylan's big head! He is literally pushing it out the side of my belly - or his brother and sister are pushing it our for him! Their movements have definitely slowed down and aren't as big, even my little go-getter Ailah. Now when they move I see large lumps moving. A sign of them very much beginning to run out of room. I was on the recliner the other night (where I always am) and Ailah pushed her leg right under my skin - and I could actually see her leg. The complete outline of it. Amazing. I sat there and started to stroke it and she left it there. It was a truly beautiful moment knowing that the only thing separating us was a bit of skin, tissue and fluid.

The downside these last few days - the itching is back. With a vengeance. This morning I was up at 3am having a scalding hot shower to try and take the edge off. That was after taking my antihistamines. I'd say that means my levels have gone up again, off to a blood test tomorrow and will find out the results on Wednesday. Only 2 days at the hospital this week! I won't know myself - wahoo!

For anyone who has ever wondered about my brace that I talk about, here it is:

I can honestly attribute this to my fantastic pregnancy and being able to carry them to now. It's called a prenatal cradle. I had to wash it this morning, then wait for it to dry. Honestly, not having it on sucked!

My Braxton Hicks contractions usually happen at night and create some pretty funky belly shapes. Here are a few snaps form the last few weeks. Very entertaining!

Here's a little clip of Ailah trying to push her way out


Lastly, I must mention Daniel. He woke up while I was awake at 3am and asked if I was ok, I asked if he could let me sleep in and not be disturbed in the morning. So this morning I woke up at 10am. As he was leaving to take both children to Jordan's soccer presentation day. The dishes had been done, washing hung on the line and he had started putting Amali's shelves up too. He didn't get back until 1pm with 2 very tired kids, who are still sleeping - I cannot wake them up!


  1. Hi, We recently came across this post about our Prenatal Cradle! Thank you for the kind words. We're super excited to read about how it helped you while carrying your triplets. I am currently putting together an ad for a magazine here in the US called Multiplicity and I wondered if I could use a short quote from your post? If so, how would you like me to recognize you? I could do anonymous, your first name and country, your blog site, whatever you would like. This is what I would like to quote...'I can honestly attribute this to my fantastic pregnancy and being able to carry them to now.' Thank you so much! Michelle, It's You Babe, LLC Manufacturer of the Prenatal Cradle.

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