Friday, 17 August 2012

32 Weeks - 2nd Goal Reached!!

Wow! Feeling very empowered today. I don't know what the statistics are, but from talking to a lot of triplet mums from all over the world in the last 6 months, I'm beating the odds. The average gestation for a triplet pregnancy is 31-32 weeks, but more than often than not, women go before this. I have literally only spoken to maybe 10 women who have gone above about 34 weeks.....hopefully I'll be one of those.

As you'll remember from last post, Dr Ted told me that the paeditricians now want me to get to 33 before they'll take me at Nambour. But in the words of the midwives - they aren't going to turn me away if I'm 32+4 or something like that. However, Dr Ted is away next Friday to Sunday. That's ok, we'll just hold out a few more days! I honestly don't feel like anything will happen anytime soon - but one can never tell! I feel between 34 and 36 weeks will be my time. I read somewhere that a day in the uterus is equal to a week in a humidicrib, which is a HUGE difference. As of Friday next week every day over 33 weeks is GOLD.

I finally took some photos of the nursery, the only thing that is not finished is the doors on the cupboards. My lovely best friend's mum finished all my doona covers and blankets for me and even made 2 change table mat covers. All matching of course! She also made me all my nappies and even dyed them pink and teal and some were left white.

Thank you Kay, you are one special lady who has been a part of my life for a long time xxxxxx

I've had another huge week (huge in the life of a lady pregnant with triplets!) with a blood test at the hospital first thing Monday morning, then 3 hours at the hospital on Tuesday at the diabetes clinic - they've put me on insulin at night to help keep my morning levels down - then an OB appointment on Wednesday - but I didn't get to see Ted as he was in surgery, just the registrar that I unhappily saw a few months back. Nothing new to report apart from my bile levels going back up again to 14. That explains why I have been so itchy again. Then I ran around chasing insulin and Vitamin K (for my liver), which I needed a script for but they didn't give it to me. By this time I was exhausted and the lovely ladies at the Live Life Chemist down the front of Coolum were so lovely and organised everything for me. I was almost in tears I was so tired and over it and just wanted to go home. I couldn't even pick the kids up from school and kindy, I had to ring some friends and ask them to do it for me. Then Thursday I had the capsules installed and today I took the dog to the vet. See - exhausting!!

And the worst part is that next week looks the same.
Monday: blood test at hospital
Tuesday: diabetes clinic and scan at the hospital
Wednesday: OB appointment
Friday: Meeting with the paeditricians to discuss what will happen after the birth and in the few days and weeks after that.

And that will pretty much be my schedule until they are born!

32 week belly shots.

 I did a comparison photo with the one I took at 30 weeks, but you can't really tell I've grown in it. Don't worry, I have, but it seems its more out to the sides this time. My belly is looking less round by the day with lots of bums, heads, arms and legs making strange shapes in there!

Lastly, my stretch marks. I know this is not everyone's piece of cake, but my body is doing a bloody amazing thing and I'm proud of it. I've never been a bikini wearer or worn short tops so I really don't care what my belly looks like! Daniel likes to call it 'the brain' but a friend says it looks like a tree, a 'tree of life', very similar to the veins and arteries in a placenta. So I played around with colours and tones and got this effect, which I think is pretty cool and looks like a tree.


  1. Incredible... and yes... I agree, your body is doing a "bloody amazing job"... and I can see the tree of life! goosebumps!

  2. "Tree of Life" It looks amazing!!

    And can I ask what kind of car seats those are for the babies? I have never seen that type before! Congrats again on the 3 beauties! And I hope you keep uploading video on YouTube! I love your story. My hubby is a twin and have always been amazing by multiples. I have 4 boys, but all singletons! lol
    -Christa aka "Cucking Fracked" on Youtube!

  3. amazed* rather..dang typos! LOL

    -Christa from Canada.

  4. Hi! Have you ever paid attention, has your writting style upgraded lately?