Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morphology Scan

Lots of things seem to be happening around here lately. Finally. This pregnant lady is starting to get a bit anxious about things not being done fast enough! We have re-written our list (yet again) of priorities, but now the task is to stick to it.

I employed my brother, Nathan, to finish the painting in our new room (previously an office), and he has been plugging away for the last few days getting it done. It's pretty much finished now, the electrician is coming in tomorrow to hook up the down lights and fan, then the carpet will get laid, curtains in and we can move in. Goal is for this to happen by Sunday. Then the nursery can get started. Our friend Mick, who is a cabinet maker has just come back from his honeymoon (bought bloody time Mick!) and can get started on the 4 lots of cupboards that need to go in......and the list continues!

My brother mid-painting.

Yesterday I went off for my morphology scan, which is a fairly big one, they measure and check all major structural features of each baby: arm and leg bones, hands, fingers and thumbs, feet and toes, nasal bone, kidneys, stomach, bits and pieces inside each head, heart beats, cord insertion and the list gets a lot bigger! So you can imagine that it is a fairly lengthy scan - for one baby - obviously there are 3, so it took a touch under 2 hours, then they compiled the report and I chatted with Greg Duncombe the OB at RBH. Our triplets have been given a perfect A+ report card! They plotted them onto a graph to see any differences between their growth, but there was pretty much no difference - a great sign so far. It was lovely to see Greg again and be able to thank him for sending me to Ted Weaver at Nambour. Greg wants me back there in 3 weeks and thinks 'it's best if all my scans are done here so that the same person is doing it each time'......secretly I think he doesn't want to loose me and the trio! We'll see what Ted says next week. I really don't want to have to do that drive many more times if I don't have to. It took 2 hours to get home yesterday, instead of one and a bit.

Here are the shots from the scan, I put them in a little collage so it is easy to compare each baby. The order is left to right: A, B, and C

And their 3D shots. When the sonographer was doing the 3D shot of Baby B (boy) I gasped in astonishment as I couldn't believe how much he looked like Jordan. It just blew my mind! She didn't quite capture one of these shots, but now I'm hanging out to see how much he looks like Jordan when he arrives! Baby A has the same nose as Amali, and even the sonographer said that Baby C, our little girl, was far more petite looking than her brothers. However she is measuring the same as the other two.

Here are their measurements as of 19 weeks and 3 days:
Baby A: Measuring at 19 weeks 6 days, 322g (11oz)
Baby B: Measuring at 20 weeks, 332g (12 oz)
Baby C: Measuring 19 weeks 6 days, 322g (11 oz)

This shot just blew me away too! The three lines you see are where the three sacs meet each other in my uterus. I thought it was a pretty cool shot!

I am certainly feeling this pregnancy well and truly now. I use my legs to get up instead of my back. Sleeping is becoming harder as I find I can't lie in the one place too long. Lying on my back is finally getting uncomfortable. When I roll over in bed I have to hold my bump so I don't get any sudden sharp pains. Each morning I wake up with slightly tingling fingers, and if I type too long at the computer. I looked back through my pregnancy journal with Jordan last night, and I only started getting this at about 37 weeks! I also can feel my feet swelling slightly if I sit still for too long like at the computer or on long drives. As soon as I go and do other things they feel fine again, so I'm not worried yet! I am also having to elongate my spine more (yes, a good thing), as I can feel myself squishing the babies! Oh - and I definitely am waddling now too. It's funny how all these things have sprung up on me in the last week and a bit, another way of warning me that I need to slow down. Again.

Here are the weekly belly shots, I can't see too much difference in the bare belly shot to last weeks one, but I sure do see it in the black dress shot!

We had the kitchen guy come around today - all measured up, so lets see what he makes of the space!


  1. So glad it's all going well. I'm sure you'll get to 32 weeks and beyond. Isn't Greg wonderful? Such an asset to have in SE Qld. Keep resting as much as possible so you get lots of blood to those precious babies.

  2. :) I'm so happy you got such good news at your appointment! The babies are absolutely adorable!!! And I know what you mean about this week and all these new symptoms making things more difficult for us!