Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Best Day so Far!!

I have had an amazing day! Firstly I got to see my babies at my regular scan, which went for just over an hour. Then I raced up to the hospital to have a super rushed appointment with Dr Ted Weaver....who really made my day!

But I'll backtrack a little bit first........

Monday saw me head off for my first two appointments at the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital. I had been told to go there to see Dr Carol Portman as she was the most likely to allow me to birth these babies vaginally. With great optimism, I met with a  lovely midwife who was extremely supportive....then upstairs to Maternal Fetal Medicine. They first OB I met with was a dick. It's as simple as that. He had two good looking student nurses with him, so maybe that was his attitude problem. Lets just say that I was ready to punch him in the face. He was extremely arrogant and I could tell the student nurses felt so too. Then he called one of the other OBs in to have a look at the scan and have a chat to me. I liked this guy immediately and once he realised that I knew what I was talking about and had done my homework, he said that if it was up to him, he'd let me birth vaginally...but it wasn't up to him. But he then told me to make sure I get in contact with Dr Ted Weaver at Nambour. Dr Weaver is the head of RANZCOG - the body governing obstetrics and gynecology in Australia and New Zealand. I already new that RANZCOG had no protocols for triplet births, which I was going to use to my advantage....

So on the way home I tried unsuccessfully to reach Dr Weaver, and decided to leave it for a few days. I honestly, seriously had a deep think about home birthing these babies whilst driving. I had to really look deep into myself to see if I could do it, but I decided that I wouldn't feel comfortable.

Tuesday afternoon I received a phone call from Nambour hospital, they still had my referral from my doctor and wanted to book me in. I explained the situation to the midwife and the fact I was chasing a vaginal birth and that Dr Greg Duncan had told me to get in touch with Dr Weaver......she set up a meeting with Dr Weaver the very next day!! Totally unheard of in a public hospital!

I arrived late to the meeting as my scan had run over, and he literally had 15 minutes before he needed to be elsewhere, but he really wanted to see me. I went in prepared for a fight over wanting to vaginal birth, and after a quick general chit chat about the pregnancy and my last two, I began my spiel.......only to be completely knocked off my socks when he 100% agreed with me. He said that as long as I :
1. Make it to 32 weeks plus
2. Baby A is head down (which he is at the moment - stay baby stay!)
3. and that I and the babies are healthy,

Sorry for the capitals, but to hear him say that was mind blowing.

So I have another scan in 3 weeks, then he'll see me to discuss everything. And that was that. Super simple. Amazing.

Oh - and - we are having two boys and a girl!!!!!!!!! Here are some little videos of them:

Baby A: a little boy, who is very clever and already has his head down, presenting 1st, he is on my right hand side. He is measuring right on dates at 16 weeks, 5 days. Heart rate of 153bpm and weighing 183g!

Baby B (who used to be Baby C, but they needed to swap the labelling around so that it went in order of presenting baby first) is also a boy. Dr Duncan said that they are the 'wing men' which is super cute! He is currently bum down, on my left side and I don't mind if he stays that way - I would far prefer to give birth to a breech baby than have a c-section! He is measuring right on track too, has a heart rate of 143bpm and weighs 188g.

Baby C is our little princess, high up on her throne (a throne made of her brothers). She even looks different to her brothers! Again, perfect size for dates and has a heart rate of 160bpm and weighs 186g. In the clip she is lying on her tummy with her little legs tucked up under her. Too sweet.....!


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  1. I'm so glad you are getting what you want and things are working out so perfectly! I give you a lot of credit, I could never attempt a vaginal birth! Fingers crossed Baby A stays in the right position for you! Off to vote... :)

  2. Hey. Awesome job! My Doula posted a link to your blog with your 32w milestone. I'm scooting back enjoying the journey through the blog. I had a c-sec for bub1. Poorly managed posterior pres. Second was a brill. VBAC. exasperating how many friends said they thought once a c-sec always a c-sec. As do so many lazy doctors. Astounding how medicalised labour and delivery has become. I'm rooting for your successful vaginal delivery Of all 3 amazing bubs. You're an inspiration!!!!