Monday, 28 May 2012

Eat and Rest, Eat and Rest, Eat and Rest

So I promised myself that once I hit 20 weeks I would develop an eat and rest schedule and try my hardest to stick to it. A couple of days late, I know, but I finally did it today. A typical day looks like this:


Kids Breakfast
Cup of Tea w/toast
House work
Make lunches
Extra for Soccer

2 Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, avo and cottage cheese
Everyone dressed

Jordan school


Fruit Snack/water Resting Activity
Yoghurt w/Muesli
House work

Lying Down Hips Up sleep/read
House work
Erin Pick up
Protein Shake

Resting Activity
Jordan Training

Make Dinner
OJ and Snack
Jordan at Mums

Bath Amali
Amali Bed/Water

Yes, I know it's a bit anal, but that is me. Today I pretty much sticked to it, I think the only thing I didn't do was have the drink of OJ. Double dose for me tomorrow. And the dreaded protein shakes have made a return. I know they are good for me. But they make me feel so heavy (yes, that is the point) and I feel like I can't fit anything else in for the next few hours (also the point). Yuck Yuck Yuck. All the yellow is eating/drinking and the red is resting. Once I hit 25 weeks the 'Resting Activity' will be a 'Lying Down Resting Activity'. I have been resting with my hips up to take some pressure off my cervix, and I can feel the difference. I have asked lots of HOM (Higher Order Multiples) mummies about their cervixes and I have been labeled as having a 'super cervix' as it was measuring at 6cm long the other day, so hopefully it will keep on being strong and long!

On Sunday I went to the Plaza to do some baby shopping, then the food shopping. I could hardly get out of the car when I made it home. Geez it was hard. Luckily I was clever and set my baby shower so early on - that means I'll still have a little bit of energy to buy the things that are still on the list after the shower in 1.5 weeks.

We are still not into our 'new room', so now I'm hoping for this weekend. I really want this nursery started asap so it can be finished asap! I have also found the 3rd matching cot, so I am hoping to win it on eBay.

Cumbersome, cumbersome, cumbersome. That is me. And I finally have an outie!!! 3rd time lucky I suppose! You may think it is a very stupid thing, but I have always wanted an 'outie' belly button, and pregnancy seemed the only time that may happen. I came sooooo close with the other two pregnancies, but it just wouldn't pop out that last little bit. At 20 weeks, I now have my first ever 'outie'! I am carrying far more pointy so far, so I suppose that is why. With the other two I was much rounder at the front, so far looking down on my tummy it is almost a rounded triangular shape! But boy do these babies LOVE kicking! It is the best feeling, they are very active during the day and when I'm resting, but quiet as mice when I'm sleeping (lets hope they keep this up until after they are born).

I'll add weekly photos tomorrow :)

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