Monday, 14 May 2012

18 Weeks

Another big weekend was had by us! Yes, I know, I WILL slow down. Again. Hitting 18 weeks is exciting. I'm feeling more movement, especially from our little girl up the top. I think she has more room than her brothers so she kicks and rolls and stretches more. The two boys who were side by side, one head down, the other bum down, must be facing in towards each other as I never feel kicks on the side of my belly, just deep inside. I also think that my little princess may be stuck up under my rib a bit as I'm finding I have to constantly sit up tall and slightly to the right to ease the dull ache that is just under my left rib. Sleeping is starting to become an issue. A good sofa bed (that will be my bed in the triplet's room) is the next purchase as Daniel cannot get a good nights sleep with me rolling around all over the place trying to find a comfy spot. My nose and bladder wake me about 2am. Off to the loo I go, followed by about an hour of tossing and turning whilst my nose pours out, and if you've ever heard me blow my nose you know I can not do it quietly.

Also starting to struggle to bend down. Time to start picking things up with my toes again! I the shower this week I also realised I could not see my feet. Oh well, it had to happen some time!! I worked out that at my last weigh in, I weighed 78kgs, which means I've put on just under 10kgs in 10 weeks. It will be very interesting to see how much I've put on next week when I head to Brisbane for my big Morphology scan. And of course great to see the beautiful little ones again.

I finally got off to a yoga class last Saturday morning. It was hard. And not just because we did squats. There was so many poses that I just couldn't do. It was a bit of a bummer, as I'd hoped to be able to do it for another block at least. Nope. Last class this Saturday. Cue sad face.

While I was at yoga, Daniel had taken Jordan to a soccer carnival (his team won all 3 games!), and Jordan even managed to kick a goal and got a medallion- go J!! Then they spent the rest of the day doing 'boy things', which included taking him to see The Avengers at the  movies in 3D. Apparently Jordan only jumped a few times, and that was when the Hulk came out.

While they were doing 'boy things', Amali was spending time with Grandi, and I got to rest......well, sort of. I did rest for about 2 hours, then I had to wash, trim and plait a pony for a competition the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed this time to myself, even though it took 3 hours. It used to take me 1.5 hours, but I have to move a lot slower now! Then I packed the car, picked the float up (thanks Karen!) and went inside exhausted.

An early wake up call on Mothers Day may not be ideal for some, but I loved watching Jordan compete at his last gymkhana (Pony Club competition), so when I asked him if he wanted to go to this one and his little face lit made my Mothers Day! Luckily for me I had a trusty side kick, Natalie, who is 11, do the leading for me (Jordan is not confident enough to be off lead yet), so I got to take photos and be the 'water boy' for the day.

I was super proud of them, they got lots of ribbons and Jordan even came home with the 3rd place trophy for overall score in his group! He was pretty stoked. I was just super happy that he got (or 'I got') a first place ribbon in Best Presented - which is all about how the pony looks. Nice to know those 3 hours weren't wasted! Mum bought Amali over, and she greeted me with a shouted 'Happy Mothers Day' which was lovely. I think she was more excited about opening the present she made me, than what I was!

After the long day I came home, utterly exhausted and had my mum wait on me with a lovely BBQ. Thanks Mum, you do so much for us!!! xxx

I also came home to a wall gone!!! Daniel spent the whole day tearing the rest of the wall down that Kerry had started for us, and he even vacuumed and mopped afterwards! Here are some before, during and after pics.

 And the belly shots for 18 weeks. I'm stretching more and more, and so are the stretch marks!

 I wonder when I will no longer be able to fit in to my black dress??

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