Tuesday, 10 April 2012

13 Weeks

Time is seriously flying by. Yes, I know I say that - a lot. But is truly is, I mean, it's April already and I'm hoping to keep these babies in until the start of September. That's 5 months away. It's just mind blowing. I've been up since 3:30am, seems to be a recurrence these past few days. So instead of tossing and turning and then finally getting back to sleep, only to be woken by two little angels 5 minutes later, I got up. I'll feel tired later today but will have a rest.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The best advice I can give any mum to be is to NOT sleep 'extra' in the weeks leading up to the birth. If you think about it logically, why would training your body to have more sleep be beneficial, when it is about to have to cope with less sleep? Your body doesn't build up extra stores of sleep that you can use when the baby comes, all you will end up doing is feeling more exhausted than ever because you have trained your body into getting more sleep. My advice - you are already tossing and turning towards the end, trying to find a comfortable position - Get up. Even if it is for 10 minutes, once or twice a night, your body will thank you for it once baby comes. So, even though I'm only 13 weeks, I'm going to start doing it.

With Daniel off in Thailand with his brother, and a very jealous me at home, I headed off for a weekend with my wonderful friends to Tuan, about 20 minutes south of Maryborough. My best friends parents have a little holiday house there that we have been to 3 years running now. Huge yard, big kitchen, and those that don't fit into the house bring tents or campers. This year we were lucky enough that we persuaded one of the girls to bring her jumping castle. Yep. 4 days of pure relaxation (on my part anyway) whilst the kids jumped to their hearts content. There was also fishing and going to the park, crabbing and lots of scratching. The sandflies were horrendous. I think we just about used all the the 8 bottles of mozzie spray that were taken, and they still managed to get through the thick coating we sprayed on. The adults weren't hit as bad as we stayed around the fire, but the kids copped it. My two came home with perfect little pink circles all over their lower legs and hands and poor Jordan is really suffering. Luckily I took children's antihistamine medicine on the spur of the moment as I was packing. Even one of the adults took a quadruple dose! Apart from the sandflies, I'd say a great weekend was had by all, great company around a campfire - what more can I say? Oh - and thanks to my wonderful friends - I know I pretty much sat of my butt for 4 days and let you entertain my kids. That time I sat on the kitchen floor leaning up against the freezer? Yep - could not get up at all. My body said 'stop and sit', so I did. Thank you all!

While I was away Mum and Kerry stayed at the farm to keep all the animals fed and safe (horses, dogs and chickens). Mum was quite annoyed with herself when I got home earlier than expected yesterday - she hadn't finished all her 'jobs' she wanted to do! They tidied the front fenceline, weeded, brushcuttered (not really a word, I know), poisoned, de-spidered the house, swept, and cleaned the shower, just to name a few. The kids were delighted to finally have door handles again, Amali asked if I was going to lock her in her room. Ah, no honey, I'm locking my door at night - not yours! Needless to say she did not wake up and come in my room last night. A huge thank you to Mum and Kerry for all the work they do :)

Apart from all this, I feel great, quite a bit of energy has returned, although I'm not sure if I'll ever get all my energy back - even after they leave home - but, a little is a lot to me. Before I went, my midwife from Jordan's and Amali's births came over and I finally got to hear those 3 precious heartbeats! She found them right away, I heard all three and three placentas. In case you are wondering, a placenta sound is more of a 'woosh-woosh' sound, whereas a heartbeat is obviously more of a 'thump-thump' sound. It was amazing that when she put the doppler to Baby C's position, I could actually distinguish between that heartbeat and the others. Maybe it has something to do with Baby C's head being squashed by Baby B??? The kids heard the heartbeats too, they thought it was pretty cool and Amali was telling people all weekend about it. So sweet.

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday, so she'll refer me to the hospital and then I'm giving them all of one week to ring me. Then I'm ringing them to get things started. I've had enough of not knowing how things are going to pan out in the next few months! I'm also going to ask for fortnightly scans until I hear from the hospital, so hopefully we can find out the sexes in 2 weeks! My lovely triplet friend from the US has already found out (shes a few days ahead of me) - but she's keeping mum about it. What a strong woman! I'll have it printed on T-Shirts before I know it! While we were away the topic came up and I think there is 3 identical girls in there (as this would be my worst nightmare!) but the kids and a few of my friends say there is 2 girls and a boy. When one of them said this I got a lovely little kick in the side! Maybe an omen.........! I think I'll start a betting syndicate.

No photos this week as Daniel took the camera to Thailand. Jordan told him to make sure he didn't drop it in the ocean this time. Oooops - that was me last year!

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful little vacation! Strong, me? LOL, yea right. I gave iin and told everyone...something I swore I wasn't going to do! I'm saying the same thing about the names. Let's see how long I can last!!! I can't wait to hear what you are having! As for the carseats, thanks for that recommendation. I've never heard of it, but will definitely look into seeing if I can get them here.