Tuesday, 17 September 2013

1 Year Old!

Crazy to think this was a year ago. Our lives were changed, blessed and thrown into chaos! You can read all about their birth here. Before I get into the party, here's some pics of the last month before my babies turned 1.

11 months shot - Isaac, Ailah and Dylan

Playing in water. Splish splash splosh!

They LOVED going into Amali's room and standing up on her little couch......but they also liked pulling her already messy room to bits so I had to put a gate on it. I also have found all 3 at various times up on top of her toy box (white one that Ailah is leaning on) so I thought I needed to put a stop to that!

First time drinking out of sippy cups. I have no idea why I did it on carpet.....??

Walker races! Dylan was the first to start using these but it wasn't long before they all got into it. Funny though, if he is about to run into something/someone, Dylan stops and cries! He loves it!

Finger painting. Before.


This does NOT taste nice mum.

I do NOT like this mum!


Garden cart rides around the farm.

And their BIG day! (And my big day!)
It's a tradition in our house to serve pancakes on birthday mornings, and they of course need a candle in them. It was so lovely that Jordan and Amali were right into this as it made it even more special. I tried to video call Dan but it was playing up.

I love the looks on Isaac's face!

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Happy Birthday Ailah!

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Yum yum! Buttermilk pancakes with a teeny bit of Maple Syrup and a dollop of cream!

Now, I had been cooking for WEEKS. Cooking, freezing, cooking freezing, cooking, freezing...you get the picture. I did have approximately 100 people (babies-adults) coming. Yes. I know. I'm a little mad. But it was also a huge thank you to those people. At some point in the last 2 years they had been there for me, our family or our children. It was a fantastic day. It was busy. I didn't get to talk to people for half as long as I would have liked. But I did get to talk to everyone!

Now, like most people, this time I kept telling myself 'I will not be trying to finish decorating the cake as people are arriving'. And you know what - I had it finished the night before! That's a first for me. My first tiered cake. My first fondant cake. My first time ever at creating fondant figurines. I was damn proud!!!!

Did I mention that I made the fondant myself too?

I tried to make the figurines look like the babies (or children, they looked a little older). Dylan on the right with a few little curls and a higher forehead/slimmer face.

Ailah in the middle and Isaac on the left with straight hair and a rounder face. Their outfits give you a sneak peek into what they were wearing too!

Party morning arrived and I was feeling really organised. Not stressed at all. I had a list of things that needed doing and I wasn't afraid to delegate to anyone who turned up early! Mum arrived early to help out, Dan had flown in the night before, Emily Black (you remember my birth photographer?) was arriving on a 12 hour fly in fly out trip (aren't I lucky?!) and my bestie, Taryn and her mum also arrived early. I had them blowing up helium balloons, attaching name badges, putting table cloths out, putting food onto plates, setting up the jumping castle, picnic rugs, chairs, tables, play pens.... you name it - we did it!
I growled at Dan a few times. Seriously, I'd already told him to please just say yes if I asked him to do things. But no, he had to add in his 5 cents worth each time. Or say no. So quite a few expletives got thrown his way.
Of course the only thing that I hadn't done by the time people began turning up was myself! No time for a shower, just a quick change and some make up and away I went!

The invitations said 'follow the dots', so the big kids and I made these signs and I put them out Saturday morning.

This is our driveway. Mum and all the kids put coloured dots along the fence line too!

We had the newspaper come to take pictures of us, I'd done a phone interview the day before with the same reporter that had interviewed me after their birth. You can view the article here. We didn't make front page this time, only page 5, but you can see the cool biscuit display with all the kids names on them too. These were given out instead of party bags. It took so many takes to get the pics as all they wanted to do was grab the figurines off their cake!

Happy Birthday to you....


Here you can see the inside of the cake! It worked out great, I wanted to show off the dots on the inside so I cut a big piece out of each layer - trouble was I didn't have any idea where the colours were....and of course all 3 layers showed blue and green dots! Hence why you can see I spun the top layer around and cut it again! 

Isaac loved the cake - as did everyone I spoke to. I was stoked that it was so moist, and stoked the huge bottom tier was perfectly cooked in the middle - it took 4 hours on 120 degrees!

And the cake smash!
There was about 30 people watching this behind Emily, I was surprised that they didn't get shy. I had to encourage them to smash up the cakes, Ailah only took cream (coloured whipped cream smashes better than buttercream icing) from Dylan's cake for ages! I was a bit mean in the end, I smooshed a bit onto their heads - they did not like that!

We asked our guests that if they wanted to, they could put in for this awesome play cubby, or they could buy presents. We were so blessed! Here they are with all their pressies, so many gorgeous ones! Thank you all so much guys xxxx

What's all the fuss about mum?

I wanted to take the time to thank people. I KNOW I'm going to forget someone. I'm apologising in advance for that now!

My husband. For being with me on this crazy journey (maybe I should say 'dragged along by me'), for (mostly) supporting all that I do/want/ask, and for sacrificing so much working away in Melbourne.
My mum. For everything you have done and will do. From the texts 'pls get milk' to babysitting, to yard work, to taking Amali to ballet. There is so much!
Kerry. For all your hard work you do around here. For watching/holding/playing with babies.
Nana. For always asking 'what can I do?' Even though I always say nothing!
Dad. For all the work you have done around here!
Anita. My amazing nanny. What I would do without you I have no idea. You know x
Taryn. For forgiving me, for putting aside your tough times, for being with me, for chats, for baby sitting, for all of it x
Erin. For the countless times you have picked Jordan up, dropped him home, made me dinner, taken Jordan to soccer training/games, for bottles of wine. x
Karen and Katy. For also picking Jordan up/bringing him home many times x
Laurie, Mel, Sky, Bernie. For being great friends who I love!
Aunty Jenni and Aunty Vicki. For cleaning, baby holding, washing up, bringing washing in. x
My HOMmies. You know who you are and you GET it!
The NASS mums and dads. For cooking me dinners, offering assistance and always a smile.

I KNOW I've forgotten people - I'm sorry!!!!!!

Did I mention that the day after the party I got really sick? Of course. That's what happens when you burn the candle from both ends for weeks. I'm still sick, getting better but it really knocked me flying.
But you know what - the party was great and the food was awesome! So it was all worth it in the end.


  1. Happy bleated 1st Birthday to Dylan, Isaac and Ailah - and congratulations to Mum and Dad and all the family. Been away on holidays so missed the last couple of posts. You are a marvel and I am in awe of all you achieve with 5 little darlings to care for. Hope you are recovered from your sickness - Thoughts and prayers

  2. i relly like this information in you post ^___^

  3. Thank's for your information and i like yoe post ^___^

  4. Happy birthday to Dylan, Isaac and Ailah anda congratulations for you, dad and older brother and sister.
    I'm a portuguese doula and I saw the triplet's birth video today. So wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful birth. God bless you all.