Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Family Filled Weekend

After much waiting and changing of minds we finally welcomed Daniel's sister Angie and her little family to Qld for a little holiday. It has been 2 years since we saw them and with another addition to their family in that time a visit was well overdue. The fact that they live 8 hours drive away may have had something to do with the wait!

My little 'Miss' and Angie's little 'Mr' had a power struggle for the first few hours, but after Jordan came home it was all about 'Where's Jordy?' Kaiden is 2.5 and his little brother Logan is 9 months. It was actually a pretty good trial for our house! I really did think it was 'baby proof'. Umm, no. Angie came in and looked around and we started moving and putting things away straight away!

On Saturday we had LOTS more family here! Daniel's brother and his girlfriend, his aunt and uncle, his other brother, cousins and their kids - lets just say a full house!

Next time I'll get them all to bring their own towels and sheets - and take them home to wash! My laundry is full and my linen cupboard is empty.

Apart from that, a wonderful evening was had by all, chilling around the camp fire, then off to dinner (and obligatory face painting), then back home for more sitting around the fire. The hard core troops were up until 4am. I made it to midnight then that was it. I wasn't all that tired, I just was uncomfortable in my chair!

Angie and I thought we'd do the hungover ones a favour on Sunday morning and take 6 kids along to the plaza to buy birthday presents for 2 little princesses birthdays the next day. However, we stupidly made sure each child had $10 to spend and they could buy what they want........Almost an hour later, and some very near misses of rather large tantrums, each child had something in their hot little hand. I'm not sure why we thought it would be easy......

But we did have quite a laugh as we were walking through the plaza. After a few strange looks I figured out that maybe people thought we were a lesbian couple. Angie (blonde, skinny and beautiful) had little Logan in the Baby Bjorn carrier and hadn't taken her bag so she kept reaching into my bag for her wallet. Then Kaiden (2.5), Amali (3.5), Jordan (5.5) Chilli (almost 6) and Miah (11). And of course, me, looking like I was about to drop a baby on the shiny floor of the plaza. The lady in Myers gave us a funny look, and it came out wrong - I said 'Oh, don't worry, their not all OURS'......which was followed by even more funny looks. We had a good giggle about it!

We hit the big 'V' this week with the babies. V for viability. Obviously we don't want them to be born at this stage, but at least we know that from now on every day is a blessing and that they can survive. I have been getting swollen more often (hands and feet) which was a little worrying, but when elevated the swelling does go away. If it stayed I'd be worried. Feeling much heavier this week and the babies are ridiculously active. The last two nights they have kept me awake at night. Ailah (sitting on top) is the most active. She is constantly rolling and kicking, I suspect she is getting a bit squished. I continue to grow, so I know they are too, even though I haven't been sticking very well to my eating schedule this last week. Must make a better effort this week. I have to use my hands to help me roll over in bed at night. I HATE sleeping with Daniel. I never have enough room anymore.

Good news is he has started the nursery. I think I've been pretty patient about it. I lost it at him the other day, and what do you know - he and Kerry moved the rest of our stuff out into the new room - and he started the bog work. Finally. As soon as it's painted I'm moving the single bed in so I can get comfy!

I have a scan, glucose challenge test and an OB appointment next week, so I'll update you all then.

Check out this cool dude. Crazy hair day for the last day of Term 2. He was super impressed. So was I.

But I thought I'd leave you this week with my 2 beautiful 'singletons'. Being their silly selves.

Oh, and Angie, this one's for you honey. Yup, she's in her PJs. Love ya!

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