Saturday, 16 June 2012

Baby Shower

Another week has flown by! 
I'm now 23 weeks and 1 day. And I cherish it. I cherish it with all my heart. There have been 3 mums to be this week in our October due group that have lost their babies. God I am thankful. And lucky. Someone up there is looking out for me. 

Last Friday Daniel picked up the new van. For some reason it looks really small in this picture - it's not! But, amazing to drive! I love it so much already and I haven't even used it to it's full potential yet!

Then Saturday morning saw me head off to the baby shower in the empty van, only to come home a few hours later with it full! A lovely morning tea of scones with jam and cream, followed by a yummy lunch. Great company, half a glass of Champers and oodles of presents for the bubbas. And even a surprise from a beautiful friend from a long way a way who drove down for the weekend for it. Thank you all, you made me and these babies feel super loved.

A huge hamper from a lot of the girls ticked off many items on my list! Loved the subtle hint of condoms too.......! Cake made by Kate from Kate's Cakes and Cookies in Caloundra - so yummy - even if we didn't cut it at the shower, most people got to eat it that night or during the week. Sorry for those that missed out!


Loads of sheets, towels, clothes, wraps, medical bits and pieces, tummy time mats, blankets, toys, sookies, and a great 'gift voucher' booklet for me to redeem on my wonderful friends!


 And who could forget the pram!!! Thank you Nana xx

Finally, after much discussion, we have names!!
Baby A: Isaac Daniel Trama
Baby B: Dylan David Trama
Baby C: Ailah Elizabeth Trama
We both loved the names Isaac and Dylan. Daniel is obviously after Daddy. David was Daniel's uncle who he was very close to who passed away many years ago from Motor Neurone Disease. Ailah is pronounced Ay-lah. If anyone has ever read the the Earth's Children Series by Jean M Auel, they are my favourite books and the lead character is Ayla. Elizabeth is after Daniel's Grandmother who raised him. She passed away days before these precious babies were conceived. I made a pact with her on her death bed that if our next child was a girl, she would carry her name. I can't help but wonder if she had something to do with this!

After my most recent scan, I am happy to report that:
My babies all are still perfect. They are growing extremely well (must be those protein shakes), all blood flow and fluid around them is fine. My cervix is still classed as a 'super cervix', shut tight and at an extremely long 6cm still. I heard this week that the average 24 week triplet mum's cervix is 2.5cm. Wow. I only managed to get one good 3D shot of Baby B (Dylan) at this scan, the others were being shy. And, yes, he still looks like his big brother Jordan.

Isaac: weighs 541g, heart rate 151bpm
Dylan: weighs 639g, heart rate 154bmp
Ailah: weighs 599g, heart rate 151bpm
And cheeky Isaac is now breech, while his brother, Dylan is now head down. Isaac - this is your mother speaking - turn around and stay there!!!

Other than these exciting days, my week was filled with resting. Pretty much doing nothing. I wear my prenatal cradle (belly support) after lunch each day now, it feels like I have someone holding my belly up just a tad the whole time. Bliss. Sleep and I also have a few things to talk about. And I must have that discussion with my bladder too. Hmmmmmmm.

Yes, it is bigger. I'm growing three babies in there. Didn't you know?

I just wanted to add what an amazing and strong woman my friend is. After such a terrible week for her, she still found the energy and excitement in my scan update to tell me how happy she was for me. She also commented on my baby shower pictures saying how much fun it looked like I had, and that she hoped I rested that afternoon. MF, you outstand me. Your courage is amazing, and inspiring. Your heart and body aches but you are still there to share in others joy. What a woman. xxxx


  1. Glad all continues to go so wll for you all.

  2. This baby shower looks absolutely amazing. Planning a successful party for the loved ones can be a stressful thing but when everything goes as you planned, you feel happy inside out. Even I hosted the rainbow themed party at a garden venue NYC for my sister’s baby shower and it turned out to be just so nice.