Saturday, 9 June 2012

22 Weeks

Firstly, please, please direct your thoughts and prayers to my lovely friend Mary Francis in America. She is 22 weeks and 5 days with her triplets and has been put on hospital bed rest as she is dilating and Baby A's waters are bulging through. As she says - she is trying to stay optimistic but they are in a very delicate situation. For those that don't know, babies are not considered 'viable' until 24 weeks, but have much better chances and future health outcomes at 26 and 28 weeks.

Hang in their Mary Francis. We are all thinking of you and your babies xxx

I've still been resting a lot, but also have been keeping myself busy. I've finished the babies cot doonas. Far cheaper than buying them, and I've just started making the cot doona covers. The boys ones have a green background and our little girl has a deep pink. I decided to do it this way as then I can change the theme/colours of the room fairly easily down the track if I choose.


We have also chosen our kitchen colours! The guys at Look Cabinets said 3-4 weeks and it will be in. Wow!! We will paint the rest of the house in quarter strength of the cupboard colour. The kicks will be in stainless steel and the bench tops are in a Ceasar Stone called 'White Diamonds' which have a lovely fleck of 'diamonds' throughout them.

This week the babies have been having a growth spurt and have been really active. We all sat around laughing at my belly the other night as they were jumping around and my belly was popping up and down. I am still trying to get it on video. If I put anything - book, bowl, remote, cup of tea - on my bump, they kick and wiggle. As soon as I eat anything they go crazy too. They also love M&Ms. Just like their mummy! They have a great old party after a handful of them. The other night Baby C (girl) woke me at 3am having a party all by herself. The boys (typical) slept through the ruckus the entire time. The little terror kept me awake for about half and hour! But I doubt that will be the last time she keeps me awake!

I've shoved Daniel over and claimed a lot more room in our bed. And if it's not me snoring (only pregnancy makes me do this), then it is Daniel. The other night I actually had to go sleep on the recliner in the lounge room. And I could still hear him. He NEVER used to be a snorer. Maybe it's sympathetic?? I even took a video of him, and boy was it loud!! With the extra bed space I've claimed I am sleeping better, but rolling over is now getting to be a chore. I now have to hold my belly or I get a lovely sharp pain. I also find that if I have been sitting or lying down, I am very stiff and sore when I get up. I feel like I've run a marathon! After a while I loosen up, but I do feel like a little old lady for the first few minutes! Every morning, and sometimes in the night, I wake up with pins and needles in my entire hands. It was only my fingers a few weeks ago. Again, I'm not yet worried as I do not get it during the day at all, only at night.

Other than that, I'm boring. If I do the right thing by my body (and babies) and rest, I feel perfectly fine. However I am going to start wearing my belly support, just to take some pressure off. I've been very naughty this week and haven't had a protein shake all week. I bought some frozen berries to blend through the shakes, just haven't got around to making one yet. Promise I will. Tomorrow.

Daniel picked up the latest addition to the Trama family yesterday. Probably the best and most practical. Our van. We bought a Hyundai iMax. 8 seater. Very cool. It was raining when he got home so instead of taking us for a real drive, he drove us around the house. I'll take a pic today.

And today is my baby shower! Hooray! I'm very excited. I get my pram today and I just know these babies are going to get spoilt rotten. Here is my gorgeous cake.


My lovely son however, did not listen to strict instructions yesterday. We told him not to climb in the back seat as we had important stuff in there. So what did he do? Climbed in the back seat and stood on the cake. Yep. He stood on the cake that Daniel had just picked up. Luckily he only stood lightly. I'm about to head to Woolworths to buy some icing and 'gap fill' the little bumps. He actually managed to stand on two of the feet and squish them a bit, and the center of the belly. You can even see the outline of his school shoe. Charming. Luckily this picture was taken before the 'shoe' incident.

22 Week pictures. Those stretch marks have really reappeared now and I finally have 'pregnant face'. You know, when your face puffs up slightly, trying to match you bump?

Oh, I have to let you in on a little secret. Daniel noticed a few weeks ago that when we've been taking these 'black dress' pictures (usually at night), my lovely nipples have been sticking out ridiculously far. So, to counteract that (my strapless bra does not fit anymore) I've been covering them up with one of his socks.

Thought that might give you a bit of a laugh!!

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