Wednesday, 20 November 2013

3 Walkers!

I've been waiting for this moment and now we have 3 walkers! I LOVE it! They are such different babies, they love their new found freedom and skill and think they are SO clever.

Back when they were little tiny babies my nanny, Anita, had a dream that Dylan would be the first to walk. We laughed about it at the time because Dylan has always been Mr Cruisy and Chilled and the other 2 are so firey. Talk about a dark horse! He did his first 'real' walk on the 16th October. I don't class walking as 'real' until they have taken a few steps together.

Only 6 days later on the 22nd October, Miss Ailah began walking. And I'm not talking about: walk a few steps - fall over - get up - walk a few steps - fall over - style walking. I'm talking get up and go. Dylan was pretty much the same. Although Ailah hasn't been walking as long as Dylan she soon caught up and surpassed his speed and dexterity. I was amazed. Both Jordan and Amali were the: walk a few steps - fall over - get up - walk a few steps - fall over - style walkers - I had never seen babies do what Ailah and Dylan did. In this video this was about the 4th time she had walked, I was left gobsmacked!

And then we waited. Isaac was always the strongest, even though Ailah had the best balance, so we actually thought he would be the first to walk. In the end, 12 days after his sister, he stood up while we were camping - and on my birthday - and walked, to his favourite thing - a ball!

I really do love this whole walking thing. With triplets it's practical! Now I get them out of the car and put them down onto the front verandah - and they walk to the door! No more 2-3 trips to get babies and bags from the car. They walk out to their play area. They walk to the bath. They walk to their bedroom. They walk, and walk and walk. With all this comes harder times, I'm sure.....but not yet. For now I will revel in this new stage and enjoy it! Jordan and Amali were never runners so I'm hoping that these 3 will be just as good!

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  1. With twins I know walking makes things a little easier in some ways and a little harder in other ways. Good luck in this new and exciting stage!