Wednesday, 10 April 2013

All About Jordan John

Named by his Daddy, after his favourite sport star as a kid (Michael Jordan), Jordan is our first born, who is now 6. Where do I start? Where have the last 6 years gone? I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy with him apart from the fact that I had Chicken Pox at 31 weeks. He was born at home, after a long labour at 2:36am on the 1st of January 2007, weighing 9lbs4oz (4.2kg).

He was a tough baby to begin with, but tough in the same instance as anyone else's babies.  I can't remember too much about his early months, there's been too many babies since then!
He was honestly, an angel child. I'd put him to bed and he'd go to sleep and stay there, no matter where we were. He was very wise, and understood what I said and knew that no meant no. He ate everything except peas and slept through from about 4 months. I barely knew he was getting a tooth, and in the 10 days after his first tooth he had 5 more.
But it's funny. In saying this, it wasn't super easy. There were hard times, there really was! But because it was that long ago and now with the 3 babies at's hard to say it was hard!
He used to have this funny way of crawling - with one leg out to the side! I showed him today and he laughed and laughed!
He was my 'test' baby, and I sure did test him! At about 6 months I had him sitting on our bench right next to me while I made his breakfast. He toppled forward, thankfully doing a flip and landed on the tiles on his bum. Swaddled in a cloth nappy, he didn't hurt himself but that was my first 000 call and it was scary!
 Hi first smile! At his Grandi :)

 First camping trip up the beach. He was so good even though it was freezing!


 Watching the footy with Daddy

 One of my all time favourite photos of him. Playing with the hose in the summer heat

 And one of my favourite photos of both of us together. We have the same eyes.

This was one of the best moments! Daniel and I had come back from our first ever night away from him, just before Christmas. He was s excited to see us he walked! And we got it on camera!

 This was just after Christmas and the first time he had walked again!

And then, all of a sudden, his world changed. His sister had arrived. He was smitten.
 He takes after his Daddy - loves fishing!

He really was a good big brother. He had this little girl following him around and loving him. Oh, yes, there were fights, but nothing like now!

 Hi first time riding his bike without training wheels! Woohoo!

 First day of school
He was so excited - and so ready. A really well rounded child. I was very proud of the way he was when I sent him off to school. Sometimes it's hard being a teacher. You know all the things that your child should know/have to make their job easier and to make your child's schooling easier.....and that puts the pressure on.....but I shouldn't have been worried.

Such a proud little sister!!


A real go get 'em little boy, as you can see. He loves exploring, sports, motorbike riding, dressing up, being with friends and helping me in the kitchen. He's still a fairly good big brother and tolerates his sister mostly. He loves his new baby brothers and sister, I am very surprised by how much. He is often found chatting to them on the floor. He's caring, sweet, compassionate towards others and from what I've seen, a good friend. He has good manners and is quite bright, reads well above average and his handwriting is really, really good!
This is the picture where I knew he was really growing up. He has started to take notice of what others are wearing and doing......and what's 'cool'. But he still comes to me for cuddles, he still checks on me to see if I'm ok,
and he still puts his hand in mine.

For now.


  1. You are an amazing mother. This post shows the love you have for your children.

  2. I loved the beautiful photos, did you take them all or your husband? Jordan is a cute kid. You're a blessed mom! :) I really am enjoying your blog.