Wednesday, 13 March 2013

6 months

Yes, I know, I've been slack. Very slack. I'm doing a great job sticking to my New Years resolution hey? But we have been having internet problems. Promise.

6 months. Wow. Life is hard. Life is fun. Life is crazy. Life is tired. Life is busy. Depending on the day. Or the time of day. 

Isaac, Ailah and Dylan the day they turned 6 months. Thanks for the outfits Jess!!!

They're growing, slowly. I finally realised that they are showing the same pattern that my older two did. They were born big , then they just cruised along. Ailah is finally starting to put on more weight. She finally had a tooth come through - a canine - for it to then go back down the next day. She is not a fun teether. The boys are dribbling like mad and have slightly swollen teeth and can get very cranky sometimes but apart from that, no more teeth are popping up.

L to R: Isaac, Ailah and Dylan

They've taken to waking up in the night again. Sigh. I was really enjoying my 4:30am wake ups. Now it is anywhere from 2:30am onwards. I've been struggling with this quite a lot but tonight is the night I will start to get back onto it again. Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm. Ailah woke at 10:30pm. Yup. Seriously. Luckily I got her back to sleep, but that was half an hour later. She woke at 1:30 and I gave in. The problem is that I have been lying back down whilst feeding them and then falling asleep. Ailah has now taken to being fed back to sleep (only in the night thank god!) and keeps the boob in her mouth the whole time. Hence why she is now waking earlier and can't get herself back to sleep. Another sigh. Isaac is my 3:30am man. Sometimes I can get him back to sleep, sometimes I can't. He's still the screamer so I have to be careful how long I let him go for, otherwise the other two will wake up as well. Dylan, sweet Dylan is my 4/4:30am man. Good boy. That's a solid 10 hours almost every night. Such a clever boy!

Clever Isaac

They still haven't rolled from their back to their tummy's, although they are very close. In hindsight, my older ones didn't roll much either, they just sat straight up then crawled.  Isaac is sitting with a breast feeding pillow around him and one in front really good, he can manage about 20 minutes before he gets tired. Dylan isn't too bad either and nor is Ailah. She is the mover though, she's going backwards fairly quick now when she's on her tummy and I've seen her try to pull her legs under her a few times. Dylan is the wiggler on his back, he is sooooo fast to move! I'm not talking more than a meter, but he gets all over the place, more often than not he ends up with his feet on Isaac's head or face, no matter how far apart they are when I first put them down!

They love their Sophie the Giraffe's!

They've moved onto solids with chunks now, currently the favourite is chicken and vegetable risotto. Today I gave them long, large softened carrot sticks and they loved them! They also love their rusks, so more finger foods will be introduced at the start of each meal now.

Dylan, Isaac and Ailah (anyone that knows Daniel well will agree how much Isaac looks like him in this photo!)

Daniel is currently working away and will do for the next year. It's hard, but also easy too. Anyone with their man working away will know what I mean about that! He sure does miss the kids though, and the first time he came back after a 2 week stint he was honestly hopeless! And I told him so! This time, he was awesome. Seriously, he was only back for 4 days but he did so much with the kids and babies. I especially liked when he just put them in the bush pram and went walking around the property. Such a nice 10 minute break, for all of us! Before he left yesterday he had a beautiful cuddle with Dylan, is was gorgeous to watch.

Daddy and Isaac

The big kids still manage to amaze me with how much they truly love their little brothers and sister. Although there is often a chorus of "Be quiet Isaac!" in the mornings while they watch wake up cartoons! I recently decided to bite the bullet and take Amali to a modelling/talent agency. I spoke to her about it prior and explained what she might get to do. We ended up having a home fashion parade where I took photos, I also got her to do some acting. This photo is her looking shocked. She was very good at it! She wasn't even shy when she met the lady from the agency and ended up dancing on the stage asking her to watch her do 'ballet'! She now does 'creative dance' at a local studio and just loves it. For days after her lesson she dances and and sings everything.....

Jordan has really fitted in well in year 1, he has a fantastic teacher who I've known since high school and a great group of friends. Being a teacher myself sometimes I know I am too hard on him.....his first lot of homework I sent back with a note from me apologising for him being so messy.....only to be told he actually has quite neat handwriting for a year 1. Yes, must remember he is only in year 1!! He has also started back at soccer, which he loves, and has moved up into the next level at swimming 'I'm learning REAL strokes now mummy' - in other words his instructor is focusing on stroke technique and breathing technique instead of just getting him to move through the water.

Entertaining Ailah

And me, well I'm coping. They are still fully breastfed, no bottles, so time away from them is a little limited but when my fantastic nanny is here I really try to do something for myself - even if it is just paperwork in the office, it makes me feel more human. I have her 3 long days a week and then mum is around as well, she stays one night a week and helps with baths too. I've found the easiest way is the 3 babies in the bath and the 2 big kids in the shower. It's chaotic but over quickly! I VERY much look forward to 7pm. Night night kiddies, it's mummy time! Sometimes I find myself staying up much too late, but I feel I need that amount of 'me time', even though I regret it the next right now. It's 9:34pm. I'm not showered. But the house is tidy. Time for bed, next post will be about my big boy Jordan.

Isaac and Dylan

With my girl x

'What is this thing?' - Dylan

And it's now 10:04pm. I am definitely off to bed!


  1. Love reading your updates Chenoa. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... you are a marvel.

  2. My kids go to bed about 8:00 and I was up until midnight last night. I'm exhausted today but you're right that sometimes it's nice just to have a little time for yourself. Enjoy that deserve it!

  3. I agree with Fiona - been waiting for next post but fully understand its not that easy - but you are continuing to do an amazing job. Take me time but get the rest you need. They are so beautiful. Mine too were born big but didn't continue on that vein.