Saturday, 20 April 2013

7 Months!

I've decided that I need a night each week that I devote to blogging. I mean, with a husband that works away and Master Chef not on (only show I really watch on TV), I don't have much of an excuse for not blogging. Seriously! The kids are all in bed by 7:15 at the absolute latest, then I do a quick wizz around the house picking up bits and bots, and doing a sweep (practise for when they are crawling) and I'm normally finished this by 8pm....and most nights I don't get into bed until 9:30 at least. I ahve no idea what I do in that last 1-2 hours, apart from have a shower. Oh, yes, that evil thing called sucks you in. I barely look at my newsfeed anymore, I love my HOM Australia group (for triplets, quads, quins), I'm in an October due group from when I was pregnant, I'm in a multiple mothers group for the Sunshine Coast and I run along with 2 other triplet mums, our 'Birthing Multiples Naturally' group. Although I haven't been doing much running of that group lately - thankfully we have the fabulous Kayleen on the job!

So, hopefully you'll see more blogging from me.

7 month shot (Isaac was falling forward)
They are now 7.5 months. Crazy. Ailah is on the move, commando crawling and rolling, I cannot keep her still. Each time I go away from her she tries her hardest to come after me. She's only just started this, so doesn't get very far, but each time she gets further away from the mat! The boys are both sitting up so good! We only have about 1 topple over each a day, and Ailah is also starting to get there, but she prefers to commando crawl rather than sit still.

We had our first swimming lesson a few weeks back. My fantastic nanny, Anita, and my mum, Di, were there to help and my step dad, Kerry was on the sidelines using the camera and the video camera - it was quite funny - he looked like a tourist with all the straps around his neck!

They actually weren't as in to it as I thought they would. They all love their bath time, especially Ailah who has to have one by herself as she goes crazy and splashes the boys. Don't get me wrong, they liked it, but I thought I'd see more smiles and splashes. Next time.

 Anita and Dylan

 Isaac and I

 Mum and Ailah

They did really well, didn't mind the water going over their faces too much and we've been practising in the bath ever since. It was a mission getting them all dry and dressed though - they were super tired by the end and were cracking it. At the swim school each child gets an Arrowroot biscuit and a sticker after their lesson, there's a container on the front desk. I did the run out there and grabbed 3 biscuits - needless to say they stopped crying and LOVED them!

We spent Easter weekend together as a family which was lovely. Good Friday in the park having a BBQ with friends. Family shot a must. Too bad Daniel has his eyes closed!

Easter Sunday saw the kids up bright and early hunting around the house for eggs. It had been raining on and off for days so we had explained that the Easter Bunny would probably hide their eggs in the house. Pancakes for breakfast, the 3 bubbas loved them!

 Now they can all sit up, they are super happy bubbas. Especially Isaac. Considering we used to call him the screamer...I'm now calling him the babbler. He chats away now, even starting to play with word like sounds - da da da. I'm not sure if this video will work, but here he is saying it whem he was a bit upset.

They're all on 3 meals a day now, and loving it. This is what oatmeal and mashed banana looks like.

And Dylan pulling a funny face while eating some steamed carrot. I'm doing half Baby Led Weaning and half spoon feeding. I like some of the concepts to BLW but don't agree that milk should be their main source of nutrients up to 12 months. So they generally have finger foods before being spoon fed, and more and more often there is less finger food to clean up. It is also great for their fine motor skills.

 But still getting boobs 5-6 times a day! Piglets!

They won't fit in the trolley like this much longer! Our local Woolies is looking into getting a trolley made up that can fit all 3!

Ailah loves doing strange things with her tongue!

I got to go and watch Amali at her dance class a few weeks ago. She was beautiful. And was the only one who listened and did everything her teacher asked -  the whole time. I was super proud!

And I've been managing to get in some work with the horses! Here is my little filly with me on her back for the fist time. She's such a quiet little thing. Again I was super proud!

And Miss Amali now gets a weekly ride (trying to give her more, but it's hard!), Kerry has finished putting the roundyard up so she'll soon be able to ride off the lead in there. She even told me this morning that she had a dream that she rode all by herself in the roundyard. Too sweet!

And with all the wet weather we've been having (thankfully gone now) I found this fella in the horse feed. Luckily I din't just put my hand in there like normal. It's a Coastal Python, non venomous and it wasn't aggressive either. The kids thought it was pretty cool.

Lastly, my awesome soccer boy Jordan scored a goal today - and saved two others by slide tackling!


  1. They are just so beautiful and growing so fast. You do an amazing blog and I love reading your posts. Be good if you do it more regularly but sure you are sooooooooooo busy just being Mum, Wife Friend

  2. I love your breastfeeding picture, I think it's just amazing that you can feed all three of them... And I'm glad to see you can still use football hold still at 7.5 months- I'm such a klutz when it comes to breastfeeding and so I can do only the football hold for my 3 month old on the right side, so it's good to see I can do it long term that way!

  3. I have been reading you blog ever since I found out I was pregnant with twins and they are 8 weeks old now :o) I have 2 older children also and im super busy with 4 so I can imagine how busy your life is right now! Hope they are sleeping through for you now :)