Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Long Awaited Update

So I uploaded these pictures last week. Sigh. I swear, I seem to have all this 'time' in the evenings but can't get to blog! Such is life hey? 
I just keep thinking 'it's 3 months until they turn 1!' It's crazy how fast this is all going. Wasn't I pregnant yesterday? Apart from the seasonal coughs and colds we are all well, thankfully no return of Jordan's asthma this year (touch wood) and no more cases of Bronciolitis (sp?) with the babies.
I'll let the photos speak for themselves more this time.

We went to Ballina a few weeks ago to catch up with Daniel's family, and had such a great time with them that we'll be going each year to stay at the same place.

 Cousins enjoyed being together

The kids had fun watching all the soldier crabs - Amali would NOT go any where near them!


 And the babies enjoyed the sun and grass!

 There was jumping

 And sharing

And lots of photos. This is their 8 month shot

And I'm pleased to say that they now sleep in the car really, really well!! Only took 8 months!

With Daddy now working away for 2 weeks, then home for 1 week, the babies and older kids clamber for his attention when he's home!

There's been swinging and giggling


 Scrambled egg eating

And fun in the bath.

With the cooler weather making an appearance, it was time to buy some super cute beanies. I think they're pretty pleased with them! Go check out Trucks & Tutus on Facebook.

This is how we feed the horses or walk later in the afternoons now

 And I also bought them some snuggly Plum sleeping bags from Bedtime Baby
She is a triplet mumma too :)

I'm still breastfeeding, 4 times a day, and they get 3 meals a day plus afternoon tea now too. The boys have been sleeping through the night for a few weeks, I call Isaac my 12 hour boy. It's amazing! Ailah still wakes up around 3-4am for a feed, but she is on the move now so I figure she needs a few more calories!


My little Ailah. I can't believe that she is crawling (commando style), and pulling herself up! I love this series of photos as she was so determined to get the scrambled egg!

And then the other night I popped her in the bath, started undoing Isaac's clothes and turned back around to see this! Eek! Cheeky little bugger. Now nothing is stopping her. She stands up against the glass on the sliding door, the walkers, the exersaucer, the coffee table and the foot step on the stools - but her favourite is my feeding pillow. She bee lines for it when it's on the ground.

A lot of people thought I was crazy, but this was my mothers day. I took Amali to her first ever Pony Club competition. Yes, there was slushy mud to contend with, and we didn't get a prize in Best Presented (Princess looked beautiful!), but the smiles of my munchkin made it all worth while.

I promise it won't be this long again til an update!!


  1. You are doing an amazing job. :)

    I thought Princess looked tops! Glad Amali had a great first comp. :)

  2. What - I can't believe its been that long - love your updates and photos. You certainly are a super mum!!!!

  3. Hi Chenoa, I'm Carissa, the volunteer editor for the next AMBA magazine. I'm looking for photos from our members and saw yours via the link on the AMBA site to AMBA bloggers. I'd love to include one of your triplets. Can you please email me: photos in the next AMBA