Saturday, 16 February 2013

All about Dylan David

It may come as a shock to some, but I really had a funny time bonding with Dylan in the beginning. I honestly didn't think he was very cute! I know that sounds terrible, but you also know I'm a pretty honest person, warts and all. In hindsight, I think that he was the 'easiest' of the 3 and he really got  left to himself so much that I didn't get any time to bond with him very well.

But now, he just melts my heart. Do I have a favourite? No. But there are certain things about each baby that make me favour them more based on those traits. Dylan is my giggler. He will laugh at just about anything. Tap his nose, shake him, make a silly face, wiggle his legs, make him dance.....the list goes on. And he really does laugh, he also has a tickle spot, which I frequently use!

You may remember that he was the easiest. He fed well, burped great, played happily, self settles and slept the longest. Not so much now. He's still the best feeder, but he has this little pattern when it comes to burping. He has a good 3/4 feed, then a medium sized burp. Then you keep him upright for another 5 minutes and he'll do 2 more small burps, then finish the last 1/4 of his feed.This is honestly what he does 90% of the time!

He still plays happily, his favourite toys are the cloth books, rings, Sophie the Giraffe, and my hands. He could probably play with my hands all day. He now has what some call a 'sookie' or a 'blankie' as he just loves touching material. If he doesn't have material in his hands he'll hold his own shirt. When you put him to bed he caresses the sheets, and his blankie. For the record, this is just a small muslin wrap tied in a knot! He is a very touchy feely  baby and you can just see his mind ticking over when he's touching a new object.

And then we come to the self settling and sleeping....not so good anymore. He got sick and both him and Ailah were admitted to hospital for Bronchilitis, we stayed overnight for monitoring, and came home the next day. Ever since then, he has been harder to get to sleep and sometimes only has a 20 minute sleep. He takes ages to get back to sleep, and dare I say it....yes, I've resorted to a dummy for him in times of desperation. His latest is waking up at 2 or 3am and if I try to get him back to sleep without the dummy it may take 30 minutes of re-settling, or 5 minutes with the dummy. I've been averaging 5 hours sleep a night lately, it sucks!

He is finally on the mend now, and his sleeps are getting long again, as well as only needing the dummy if he's really cracking it when I put him to sleep, but otherwise he self settles.

Dylan's hair is starting to grow back, which I am just loving! He looks so grown up! I think he'll be the first one to roll from their back to their tummy, he's soooo close, but just needs to push that shoulder over. He absolutely loves nappy free time, and does 360 degree turns on the mat, leaving little wet spots here and there!

I'm sure there are more things about my little man,  but this mumma is off to bed. So here are some pics instead! (Not in chronological order - sorry!)

He loves leaving his mouth open in photos - no matter how many times I close his mouth!

Awwww, look how much he has grown! He was a week and 1 day old in this pic

This was the first pic that I saw of him, I only saw him briefly after he came out, then before they took him to the SCN. Daniel took this and showed me while I was still in birthing suite.

Where did all that hair go?

Dylan caressing my wrist during a feed the other night. Melted my heart!

Taken today. Jailbird!

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