Thursday, 15 August 2013

10 months to 11 months

Hi's been a while. Let me introduce myself.....nah, just kidding! Seriously, I uploaded these pics over a week ago. Dan's away, it doesn't take long for me to tidy up at the end of the night...then I sit down with a cuppa and Facebook. So wonderful and so time consuming. I have made amazing, life long friends (who I have never met) via Facebook, had crap put on me by stupid American women with nothing else better to do, and watched one of my wonderful friends be driven off Facebook by the same women, yet I keep going back for more. It's ok, I've got thick skin and as you know, I'm super positive and couldn't really give a toss. 

Anyway.....moving on. 

In 3 weeks, almost to the exact time right now, my babies will turn 1. Yes, it has gone mind blowingly fast. I cannot fathom how quick this last year has gone. How am I going? Awesome. I think the best thing is that I'm happy. I laugh. I smile. I enjoy them, and Jordan and Amali. Is it always so rosy? Nope! But I'd say 80:20 ratio. I talk to them in silly sing song voices that keeps me upbeat too, they laugh and smile and I'm just loving it. We go places. All the time. I'm rarely home for more than 2 days in a row. Some people don't understand, they wonder if it's worth carting them around ect ect ect. Well, it is. I'm still enjoying my life and all of my children's lives. What's the point of complaining about how long it takes to get in the car, or how much stuff you need to take? This IS my life now and there's only 1 thing to do - embrace and enjoy it.
And by these photos, you'll see that I am.

 Watching big brother Jordan at swimming lessons

 Look at us! We have all been standing for ages now and can sit down unassisted.

 And we love it when our Daddy comes home!

 She got up there all by herself. She's my monkey. I'm going to have to watch this one.

 Did I also mention she's also the messiest?


 Isaac, the second messiest.

 Told you she was a monkey

We took off to the Gold Coast for 4 nights to stay with Daniel's family. On the way down we went to the Brisbane Museum and Science Centre. Babies were so well behaved and the kids loved it.

 Here's their 10 month photo, I've already taken the 11 month so will post that in a few days.

 3 little helpers!

 Isaac crawls around like a little bulldog with his arms wide and is usually accompanied with a 'ra ra ra' as his hands hit the ground.

 Ailah is the fastest although Isaac is catching her more and more.

 Dylan likes to take his time and take everything in. I found him on top of the toy box today though....

 Her first pony tail! Thanks Anita!

 More cuddles for Daddy. Dan is only home 1 week out of 3 and I must say, he's certainly improved a heap with helping out when he's home now!

 Dylan through the tunnel....

 Ailah through the tunnel.....

 Isaac through the tunnel! They love this tunnel and go back and forth waiting for each other to come through, super cute to watch.

 Dylan, Ailah and Isaac

 Whoever taught Dylan to wave is going to cop it! Oh wait...that was me. He does NOT stop waving. But it is super cute!

 Nice cool weather allowed me to put these snuggly outfits on them for some outside play.

 Our little out door jail. We leave the back door open and they go in and out as they please, they love the freedom of it and going up and down the little step.

 Peek a boo!

 The Trama family frown.

And in their little playmat come tunnel come cubby. They are such a joy at the moment. Life is great.


  1. Why would an american women want to put crap on you and yes why should you worry - facebook can be such a great social networking tool but then its full of crappy people saying crappy things - Love your positivity and love of life and the kids - you go girl such an inspiration

  2. Even though I see them 'all the time' I love seeing the pics you put up and of course Love reading your blog. You my darling girl are an inspiration to all mums (yep even your own!) and I can see how happy all the Trama family are and this of course makes us happy. All the kids love being carted around for their adventures as much as the love being at home having fun, watching the animals and playing with you, daddy and each other. So keep it up - your energy and enthusiasm knows no bounds!! as does the amount of love you have to give xxxx

  3. soo loving the posts you do. I started following you probably halfway through the pregnancy when I was pregnant with my little princess. She's a couple months behind your triplets. :) I keep watching and wondering when you'll do another update.. lol I should update my own blog. :D
    Keep it up!

  4. I have no idea how you do it. I have only 2 kids (17 month old twins) and I'm exhausted and stressed most of the time. I'm hoping by reading your posts your upbeat, energetic attitude will rub off on me soon!