Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Firstly - over 18,000 people have viewed this blog. Blows me away, it seems like only yesterday I was saying that about 10,000 views! Thank you to all who have followed our amazing journey so far - but hang onto your hats as things are about to happen!

A little trip down memory lane is in order I feel!

On the 21st of February 2012 we found out we were expecting triplets. Spontaneously conceived. Nothing in the world could have prepared us for that moment - especially Daniel. At first I was shocked, but in my usual 'take it in my stride' attitude I wanted to know what happens next. I bought books, joined the Australian Multiple Births Association and quickly connected myself with other triplet mummies, both in Australia and around the world.

My belly quickly began to grow. Above is 6+5, 8, 10, 11+2 and 12+2 weeks. Yeah, ok, probably ok tummy growth for a 3rd pregnancy. But just you wait......

I was determined to birth vaginally. I found other women (Thank you Simone and Olivia!) who had birthed their triplets vaginally and sought every piece of info from them as I could. I tried not to worry about my babies, or the risks, and I must say, my positive attitude easily got me through this. I went to RBWH in Brisbane expecting them to say 'sure, you can birth them vaginally'......um, no. Instead I got told to go back home and speak to our local OB who is one of the best in the business. Enter Dr Ted Weaver. My 'yes' man.

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes - a small price to pay for an otherwise uneventful, boring, triplet pregnancy. Not that I wanted an eventful triplet pregnancy. I 'watched' other mums on our Facebook groups struggle, give birth to very premmie babies and in one case, loose all three. My heart went out to my American friend, and her loss made me really put things into perspective. I rested more every week after that and whilst consoling her from across the seas, I was determined, and blessed to keep these babies in for as long as possible. Another small, but rather annoying hurdle to jump was when I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, a liver malfunction that makes me soooooo itchy. My favourite scratcher is a stainless steel pasta spoon.....it's sitting right next to me now as I type.

The belly continued to grow and grow, thank gosh I had my brace to get me through the day! Above is 15, 16, 18+1, 19+1, 20+5, 22, 23+1, 25+2 and 27 weeks. During all this time we renovated the children's rooms, made an old storage room that is 5m off the side of our house into a lovely bedroom for us (not that I'll spend much time in there), won a $25,000 kitchen upgrade and renovated our old room into a nursery. We also sold my new car and bought another new car - one that will fit all of us in!

Then we hit the pointy end of the stick. Again, I watched as other mummy's had their babies around me and I willed mine to make it to 28 and then 32 weeks. At 32 weeks I had my little 'break down' moment where I just wanted them out because I wasn't coping with no sleep every night while I scratched that crap out of myself. That lasted about 24 hours but I decided not to ask for another weeks grace. I wanted to get to 35-36 weeks originally but with the itchiness it's just not going to happen. That's ok.

One thing this pregnancy has taught me is to let go. Not to worry that someone else is doing MY washing, cleaning MY house, picking up MY children from school. And that will continue, and again, I'm ok with that.

Here is 28, 30+3, 32 and 34 weeks. I woke up this morning to find my belly very low. I've always had Braxton Hicks contractions but now they are more like real contractions and with every one it feels like a balloon will pop in between my legs.

I had a scan today, all babies looking perfectly squashed! We couldn't even get Dylan's measurements to estimate his weight, but he's always been the fatty so we're not concerned. Aliah weighed in at a whopping 5lbs14oz and Isaac not far behind at 5lbs13oz! That's about 2.6kg each. I'm not sure how correct the weights are as it was very hard for her to get the measurements she needed, but we'll soon find out their real weights!

Here are all the black dress photos I have so far - I'm threatening hubby that I'll make him take one when I go into labour before we head to the hospital!

And the belly ones.

All my bags are packed finally! Left to Right: Breastfeeding pillow, breast pump bag, labour bag, baby bag and hospital bag. Note the white paper in the middle - a list of things that still need to be put in the bags but can't happen until labour starts and we are heading to hospital.

 Here are some happy snaps from Father's Day. Daniel got a great pull along wagon that he can also attach to the ride on mower. This is the kids bringing it to him.

Happy Daddy!

Jordan's wrapping and gift tag

Amali's photo and decorated frame

 Jordan's gift. We thought it was funny that Daniel's favourite food was yoghurt. We liked that he put 'juice' down as a favourite drink - better than beer! And we love the picture showing Dan at work in the cherry picker.

You'd never guess it was a pressie for Daddy though hey?

Famous last words. No, I am not scared Yes, I am so excited to go through birth again. I cannot wait to see their faces and know they are healthy. I want to see Daniel holding them in his arms, connecting with them. I want a triplet cuddle!

So that's the last post from me, hoping to go into labour my natural induction methods tomorrow. Otherwise Thursday. I promise I will put a post up asap. Thank you everyone for keeping my in your thoughts and sending me lots of love. x


  1. So happy and excited for you. Hope that all goes really well with a safe and healthy delivery of your triplets.
    I had posted a comment a few posts ago mentioning that my mom is one of a set of triplets born in the 1940's. Their birthday is the same day as your induction. :)
    Best wishes from Ontario, Canada.

  2. I'll be thinking of you and your precious little ones as their big entrance to this beautiful world begins! =) May God continue to bless you and keep all of you safe.

  3. You are an amazing woman and have given me so much strength as I head into my own labour.Thankyou for being so amazing

  4. Have followed your blog from the start, good luck with the labour & birth....Looking forward to seeing these super triplets....They are bigger than both my boys & they were singletons born at 37 weeks & 38 weeks.....

  5. Wow you're amazing, I wish you a wonderful natural birth and three beautiful and healthy babies. Can't wait for your next post and to see their little faces!! Good luck!

  6. You did it again and made me cry!!! That's twice this week! It's definitely bittersweet for me, but I really am truly happy that I have been able to continue to follow your journey. I admire you so much for your strength and perseverance. You are not only a strong and determined woman, but you are a good friend. I swear (well, I would if I swore, which I don’t…!) that someday I am going to meet you and your 5 beautiful children. I have no doubt in my mind that you will deliver your 3 new babies the way you have planned. ::hugs:: Good luck tomorrow!!!

  7. As an onlooker time has seemed to pass so quickly. Wishing you all the best, can't wait to see your little ones.

  8. What a journey! Kept thinking today that tomorrow is the big day for you! Knowing how much you want a natural delivery I'm really hoping you get it. :) I'm due with my first (single) baby in 12 weeks and so watching your journey has been incredible as I could never imagine what it must be like with triplets!! Can't wait to see pictures of your little ones. :)

  9. Good luck Chenoa, hope all goes well with the birth. Can't wait to meet your beautiful bubbas. Sarah

  10. What a gorgeous story! I'm loving this! Congrats to you and hubby ... we'd love to offer you a free maternity shoot (if bubby's haven't been born) and a free newborn shoot ... email us at caroline@heartstringsphotography.com.au)!

  11. Hi Chenoa. I am a mom of twin in the US. Congratulations on your bundles of joy. I read the news article about the successful birth! Way to go mama!! I am the community manager at www.Twiniversity.com- it's a worldwide community for parents of multiples (it's free). We would love for you to join us! :) Check out our e-magazine 'Multiplicity' as well. We have great stories and tips from diverse families of multiples. Again, Congratulations mama!!

  12. Hi lovely, many congratulations!! I saw an article on the news about your babies and I'm so glad you blog! Just started following you now, enjoy your precious babes xox Michelle @ Farmers Wifey xo

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