Saturday, 15 September 2012

Media Attention

We have certainly made the media! Even if it is mainly local stuff, it was fun! But we have also popped up on a few European and US news websites.

Firstly we had journalists from The Sunshine Coast Daily (our local regional paper) and The Sunday Mail (Queensland paper), who both came on the Thursday afternoon to take pictures and interview us. We made the front page of The Sunshine Coast Daily on the Friday and were expecting to be in The Sunday Mail on the Sunday.....but nope, they obviously saw the Daily's article and thought 'why print again?'.....ummm, maybe to put some GOOD news out there for once! You can see The Sunshine Coast Daily's article here and there is also an interview too. I love it when Amali proudly and very matter of factly says 'Dylan came out backwards'!

Then yesterday we got a surprise as our free local paper, The Coolum News, ran a story on us too! They are linked with the Sunshine Coast Daily, so they got the info from them. I went to school with the editors daughter so he has always put my beautiful children's birth announcements in for me.....and not just standard announcements! Usually the photo takes up at least a quarter of the page! Thank you Mike! The story is here.

Friday afternoon we were supposed to have WIN News (Our local Channel 9) and Channel 7 (Queensland Channel) come for a TV interview. WIN turned up first, they were lovely, and even the young journalist got a cuddle! We waited and waited for 7, but they never arrived. We found out later that they go wind that WIN had been there and they had thought they had the 'exclusive' so they didn't bother turning up! I'll embed the video below but it may be quicker going directly to YouTube here.

I've had people contact me with offers of support, yummy lactation cookies, cleaning and photography.

I know many pregnant women around Australia through my October Due Mummies group online, and when they go tho their antenatal appointments, the midwives are talking about me.

Another triplet mum who went to hospital in NSW with threatened labour was told all about me and how the midwives wish more people were like that and had these opportunities.

Friends of other triplet mums sent my links to Emily's Photographs, news paper articles and TV interviews saying 'have you seen this!?'

We filled the first 13 pages of Google.

I'm just a bit chuffed. And proud. But the most important thing for me is getting the message out there. Multiples can be birthed naturally. Now, I'm not saying that all HOMs should go down this track. It was tough at times, and that was with a supportive OB. There is 100% place for Cesarean Sections in multiple births. I just don't think women should be told they have to have one at their first appointment. Birthing naturally is an option, in some cases. I am so glad I fitted the bill!

I will pop a post on about coming home in the next few days, but for now, I can hear a hungry little girl crying.......

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  1. You are an inspiration. Take all the help you can.