Tuesday, 7 January 2014

36 Months of Breast Feeding

On the 11th of December I fed my babies for the last time. Slowly we had all begun weaning. I was only feeding them once a day - in the morning, and it was just time. I'm not sad, I'm proud. I've never been one to say 'oh breastfeeding is such an amazing experience, I love it!'

 Breastfeeding Jordan about 10 minutes after his birth

I breastfed because it was the right thing to do, it was the best thing to do, it was easier and it was free!
Jordan was breastfed for 14 months. By the end it was just the night feed. I was happy to have fed my first baby for that long. One night I couldn't get home on time after work as my car had broken down so Daniel had to give him a bottle. I woke up the next morning expecting my boobs to be bursting and they weren't. And that was the end of that.
Amali was only breastfed for 7 months. I was a full time uni student studying to become a teacher. I had practical days at the local school and I would drive home at 1st and 2nd break to breastfeed her. The school was amazing to let me do that. We were going to be married when she was 9 months and I had an expensive teeth whitening kit sitting there to use. I couldn't use it whilst breastfeeding and it would go out of date just after my wedding so I stopped. I did have nice shiny teeth for my wedding though!

Tandem feeding 3 days after they were born

The trio. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would feed them this long. I just didn't know how awesome my boobs were obviously! My end goal was 6 months. I set that thinking that I'd need to supplement after that time but my boobs proved me wrong.

 Not sure on the date of this one but they were about 1-2 months old. Not the baby asleep on the couch in the background!

I got to 9 months before I gave 1 baby, 1 bottle at night only, while I tandem fed the other two. I rotated this each night, in birth order, so everyone would get a turn on the bottle.

About 3 months old

 5 months old. Always had to entertain another!

Dylan was always the patient one!

My last night feed. 14 months old.

At 15 months Daniel organised a surprise overnight getaway for us. I was a little concerned at how my boobs would cope considering I had sold my pump months earlier. By this stage I was only feeding them in the morning, when they first woke up. On Monday morning I fed them as normal. Tuesday morning we left at 5am and they didn't wake up until 6am. I didn't arrive home until Wednesday lunch time, so the next time they fed was Thursday morning. My boobs were fine - a little fuller that normal during the day but nothing that made them sore or tender to touch. The nanny had given them a bottle each of those mornings.

Thursday morning I expected them to have forgotten about boob. Wrong. They practically ripped my shirt off me and each had a full feed, which they hadn't had in a long time. This continued for the next 5 days, but no more full feeds and Ailah wasn't interested again after 3 days but the boys kept latching on for a few minutes each morning. I could tell they were just feeding because I was offering it to them, so the next morning I deliberately kept them entertained when they first woke up (hard to do at 5am) and they were fine. Same thing the next morning. Isaac kept looking at me with an odd look on his face - it was like he could tell something was missing but couldn't quite put his finger on it!
And that was that.
I do wish I had have taken a pic of them feeding for the last time.
I am damn proud of my boobs.

About a month ago I finally got around to creating a 'Breastfeeding Triplets' video. I'd asked my triplet mum friends from all around the world to send me pics and info to put it all on YouTube to encourage and educate others the breastfeeding triplets WAS possible. I'm proud to say that it's pretty darn good! You can count but I think we had at least 25 women from 5 different countries participate.
Go triplet mummas!
You can watch it here.


  1. Hi there,

    Just wondering if I could have permission to re-publish this post in our local multiples group newsletter (Southern Sydney MBA), referenced and with a link to your blog? I think it's an inspirational story you've told here and we currently have a couple of families with very young triplets and expecting triplets and I'm trying to make sure we also have content for these families.


  2. That's fantastic! I got overwhelmed around 6m and stopped at 7m. I'm glad I was able to do it at all :) Glad to see y'all are doing well. I haven't seen you in the 2012 group on fb in a long time.